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Glacier Bay Alaska

Posted By: Julie

Glacier Bay Alaska - 05/31/06 09:15 PM

A chunk of glacier falling

On our way out

Posted By: PossumCorner

Re: Glacier Bay Alaska - 05/31/06 11:48 PM

Love the first one. When was this Julie? (And where was Cinnamon?) Almost-green ice colour is interesting on 2. Were they incredibly lucky shots or are the ice-falls frequent or predictable.
Posted By: JeffDinPA

Re: Glacier Bay Alaska - 06/01/06 01:09 AM

Julie that is beautiful, what a place! One of these days I'll get there. I am glad you posted some, looking forward to more.
Posted By: Julie

Re: Glacier Bay Alaska - 06/01/06 01:17 AM

It was beautiful and I have TONS of photos. My husband got some great ones too

I was shocked at the color of the glaciers. I didn't expect the aquamarine hue they had to them. And, it wasn't that much luck to have gotten it falling. They fell pretty frequently. Sounded like an explosion!
Posted By: DavidRamey

Re: Glacier Bay Alaska - 06/01/06 03:44 AM

At Exit Glacier in Seward Alaska, you can go up to the very end of the glacier and touch it. You can explore it to find ice worms. Most Glaciers that are tidewater glaciers are aquamarine and the rivers that start at glaciers are also aquamarine in color. The Kenai River here on the Kenai Peninsula is aquamarine in color around Cooper Landing.
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Glacier Bay Alaska - 06/02/06 08:34 PM

Hey Julie,

I also was surprised by the color of the glaciers in your images. How long were you out for?


PS I really like the last image a lot. It seems quite peaceful. Did you see any wildlife while out?
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