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Canyonlands, Utah

Posted By: Marty Everhard

Canyonlands, Utah - 06/03/06 06:02 PM

I have not posted anything for awhile but I've been following along where time permitted. Last month we took advantage of our National Park pass and broke it in at Canyonlands Island in the Sky, where I had been before, and a first visit to the Needles District. The drive into the Needles was some of the best scenery I have ever seen.

One stop that I will never forget was the sunrise at Mesa Arch in Island in the Sky. After seeing so many photos of this icon I was thrilled at the oppurtunity to try my hand. There were about a dozen photographers there that Monday morning, and it was a fantastic experience-

It was EZ to find the arch, only a half mile or so from the main road thru the park- we scoped it out in the daylight the day before. It is truly a magical spot-you can feel the timeless majesty thru to your bones when you are there.

Next shot is from an obscure overlook outside of the park,
known as the Needles overlook. It was so high up that my girlfriend had vertigo- about an hours drive, paved road, from the main drag.

Very high winds created a haze , but I was able to get a few keepers that late evening.

This one is again from the Island in the Sky,

I am very happy with that shot. My companion thought this was the best-

It was the Mesa Arch vista without the arch or the sunrise- the colors were actually that rich - late afternoon.

We have since then been also to Mexico diving, where I experienced every possible malfunction and breakdown possible to a photographer known to man for one trip- only shot about 4 gigs with a couple to keep. Oh well.

And we were in Lake Powell for the Memorial weekend- I'll try to post some of these later on.

Next trip= Grand Canyon North Rim in July, with probable stops in Bryce and Zions. I have great hopes for these excursions, as well as Yellowstone late this summer as well.
I am loving my Park Pass!

Marty Everhard in Salt Lake City,
all rights reserved
Posted By: JeffDinPA

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/04/06 04:20 AM

Beautiful shots. What a place. I really like the third, it looks like you had a nice clear day. The first one is nice too.
Posted By: Peggy Sue

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/04/06 01:14 PM

Marty, your shoots are lovely. I particularly like the first. I love it when you open a new shot and it takes that little breath from you, one of those moments that stop you in your tracks. This one did.
Thanks for posting.
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/05/06 03:39 AM

Hey Marty,

Glad to see you had a great trip. I like the first a lot too. The 3rd and 4th are also quite good. One thing though, the horizon does not seem quite straight on the last image. I am basing this on the lands below the mountain I wrong?

Thanks for sharing!
Posted By: Marty Everhard

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/05/06 03:44 PM

Thank's for the comments on my photos. James, the horizen is perfectly straight, you haven't properly tilted your head to the right. Nah, just kiddin, as I recall the plateau there does lean off some at that spot. Plus, the sun was in my eyes and I didn't have a tripod on top of the boulder.

Here is another from the well known "Schaffer Trail", Island in the sky. One of the few ways to the Mesa below- note the green 4 x4 truck in the right hand side of the pic.

And here is an overlook named "the Green River Overlook"- great scene, but beginning to haze up from the wind-

Thank's again-

Marty Everhard
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/06/06 12:56 PM

Hey Marty,

Great shots. I like the rich colors. Curiously, are you shooting raw or jpeg? Are you using any filters?

Posted By: Marty Everhard

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/06/06 03:50 PM

I mostly use Raw nowdays. Several of the above shots were with a circular polarizer or UV filter.The shot of The Green River is a composite of two different raw conversions from the same shot in attempt to eliminate some of the haze.

I am working with Canon 20D and want the full format 16 megapixel beast pretty bad.

I plan on submitting # 1 & 3 of the first set into the Canon NP competition- wish me luck!

Later on I will post some shots from Lake Powell.
Have a great day.

Marty Everhard
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/07/06 03:40 AM

Hey Marty,

Can you post the link to the competition? I am interested myself.

Posted By: Marty Everhard

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/07/06 04:03 AM

Good luck with your entry.
Posted By: PossumCorner

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/08/06 01:44 AM

Yes good luck for sure Marty, be sure get your entries in on time. I thought at first it was "Canyonlands" comp, (half awake) but no it's Canon(Camera) and 1st prize a 5D and includes a wildlife Section. NWP people should be in with a chance!!

There is also an international bird photography comp going, here is the link
that one is worth a look just to see the last couple of years' winning bird shots.
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/08/06 12:12 PM

Hey Folks,

Thanks for the heads up on the contests. It might be something nice for us to keep track of together. Unfortunately, I have NO decent bird photographs in my catalog...not one. that shoots the iwpawards out of the water.

Good luck, Mary!

Posted By: Marty Everhard

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/08/06 04:49 PM

That be Marty_-
Posted By: Loopman

Re: Canyonlands, Utah - 06/09/06 09:13 PM

Great images, Marty. I like the first one alot.

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