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Avalanche Falls

Posted By: Tony Bynum

Avalanche Falls - 06/07/06 03:15 PM

Here's a recent shot of the famous Avalanch Falls, here in Glacier National Park. . .

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Posted By: PossumCorner

Re: Avalanche Falls - 06/08/06 01:09 AM

Lovely shot Tony. And as I had not heard of Avalanche Falls I did a quick search. There are some great old images on some of the sites that emerged, as well as recent ones (like the local over-the-hills-club of photographers aged over seventy) - the old postcards were 1953. Keywords certainly work.

This is a great angle: most I looked at were from below and looking up.
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Avalanche Falls - 06/08/06 12:11 PM

Hey Tony,

Very nice indeed. Which lens did you use for this shot?

Posted By: Joe

Re: Avalanche Falls - 06/08/06 12:38 PM


Nice shot. I like the moss growing over the rocks.Looking forward to seeing this when I'm out there at the end of the month.

One question. On the image that I am seeing there are two dark lines visible primarily in the water that come down vertically and curve to the right. Can you tell me if these were actually there or if this is due to some post process?

Posted By: JeffDinPA

Re: Avalanche Falls - 06/08/06 01:11 PM

Now this shot I like a lot. I love the color of the water, it makes great contrast to the moss. I always love when the rocks overhang the water like this, it makes for a more dramatic effect. It makes such a sharp line between the motion blurred water and the supper sharp mossy rocks.
I know you are into tight crops these days, and for the most part I have agreed with all your crops. But in this case, had you stepped back a tad, would you have been able to see rock in the lower left? It looks like the stream is trying to exit there in the lower left of the frame and I wondered if it is just a bend in the creek.
Posted By: Tony Bynum

Re: Avalanche Falls - 06/08/06 02:40 PM

JOE, the lines are a product of my imbeded copyright

JEFF, I have thousands of shots of this drainage, from a different angles. And youre right, it's leaking out the side and it should not! My mistake, and I will find a better example that keeps the water in the slot canyon!

I think the rock in the middle right is a little much - the whole image is not quite balanced.

Thanks for the remarks! I think they all are right on the mark. . .
Posted By: Loopman

Re: Avalanche Falls - 06/09/06 09:16 PM

I am trying to see where the image is leaking. Am I missing something or are people having fun? LOL.

Posted By: Tony Bynum

Re: Avalanche Falls - 06/10/06 01:55 AM

I'm glad you guys like it. Thanks for the compliments and the criteques. . .

i believe the very small portion of the water that touches the edge of the frame on the left is the leaker, or, if you so desire, you could call it the Rove. . .

I believed I used a 28-70 2.8 or a 17-35 2.8 zoomed to 35! You cant use a real wid lens at this location, well, you could, but it would not work well for you.

I think you need to shoot it at about 50-70mm. I shot lots of the other parts of this area with a 12-24mm. I have not posted those shots, but some, I assure you are killer!!!

Take care,
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