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Posted By: James Morrissey

Eagles - 12/23/06 05:20 PM

I find birds to be the toughest of creatures for me to photograph. I think a lot of it has to do with lack of reach, but I think that there is also a skill component involved. I photographed this eagle on my last trip to Yellowstone - not the best eagle photograph I have ever seen, but I was fairly pleased with it. The exposure was definitely tough though because of the great variation between bright and dark objects in the photo. Anyone else have some eagle in flight shots?

Posted By: chezzyr

Re: Eagles - 12/26/06 12:03 PM

I love watching birds of prey in the wild. Down here one of my favourites is the Black Shouldered Kite. OK so its not an eagle but thought I would share it anyway.

It was hovering quite close to us. These guys are pretty with very orange eyes (that you cant see in this shot).

Attached picture 5992-bskite_web_edge.jpg
Posted By: jamesdak

Re: Eagles - 12/27/06 03:20 AM

Here's a couple from this past weekend:

Posted By: linda

Re: Eagles - 12/28/06 10:58 PM

Great shots, guys.

I took this last month in Blackwater, Maryland.....
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Eagles - 01/02/07 05:53 AM

Hey Jim,

Phenominal shots - sure puts mine to shame. LOL. I am going to have to get someone to teach me technique for shooting these magnificent birds.

Linda - nice photograph. You know, you can embed the images if you wish by enclosing them by themself in [image]PostYour URL{/image]

Posted By: Marc

Re: Eagles - 01/02/07 09:01 AM

WOW those photos are amazing.....
Posted By: rustin

Re: Eagles - 01/05/07 05:58 PM

One is sort of flying.
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Eagles - 01/07/07 09:03 PM

Hey Rustin,

Glad to see you around. Where did you get a chance to see all of the birds like this?

Posted By: rustin

Re: Eagles - 01/08/07 12:08 AM

I work as a raft guide in a Bald Eagle preserve in Alaska during the summers. This is a pretty common sight there. I have seen over 100 eagles in one trip. They love the salmon. I took this when a boat behind me got stuck. I was using a 400 5.6 and decided to throw a 2xtc on it. The photo looks good at the larger resolution. I will try to post a Eagle robbing an Osprey of a fish later. I captured that in the Everglades. Rustin
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