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Equestrian photography

Posted By: Julie

Equestrian photography - 04/05/07 12:53 AM

Some of my favorites from the horse show this weekend

Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Equestrian photography - 04/05/07 04:22 AM

Hi Julie,

It is hard to say anything critical about these. They are all very well done. That first shot of the silhouette is very publishable in my opinion.

Posted By: Tess32

Re: Equestrian photography - 04/08/07 06:29 AM

The first shot is just stunning Julie. They are all great but that one is a knockout.
Posted By: lv1

Julie - 05/17/07 03:46 AM

Very nice job. I anm looking to get into equestrian photography. I have a camera and a horse. Please take a look at my gallery (equestrian - Rolex and Bucks County Horse Park). C&C appreciated.

Posted By: Julie

Re: Julie - 05/17/07 11:50 AM

If you are very interested in getting into equestrian photography, the best place to learn about it is There are very high profile equestrian photographers that will give you honest critiques.

It is a funny niche and the event photography at the local level is not a huge money maker. It is enough to be worthwhile, but, you won't make a living from it.

In your galleries, your Graystone equestrian center one, you were using too short a lens. You really must use one that is 100mm or longer to keep the distortion from occuring(the big head look) And watch the feet. Can't have a horse without feet

In pleasant hollow, I would crop closer, maybe some with vertical crops. I like to crop pretty tight.

Give EPN a try, worth the money, and will improve your equestrian photography second only to being an apprentice!
Posted By: lv1

Julie - Thanks - 05/17/07 01:43 PM

I will check out them out. And thanks for looking at the photos. I agree with tighter crops and verticals. In my Rolex Phot gallery I used the vertical crops for the first time. My fiend (and fellow equestrian) of course preferred landscape. Oh well!!

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