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4 week puppy portraits...

Posted By: Julie

4 week puppy portraits... - 10/11/10 11:45 AM

The kids and I loaded up the puppies in a crate, took a little car ride to the studio and got 4 week photos. I have found 4 weeks to be the ideal age for this, as they aren't confident enough to be demons, but, they are big enough to not look like little lumps.

The trip ended up in drama, with me losing my keys to the point I had to call Larry to bring a second set and Tanis having a 103 fever. We got darn photos though!

I wanted them all looking at me, but, this was as close as the 4 shots I was able to get, got! It pretty much was a mass of falling puppies, so, we quit. Oh, and Tanis did all the staging and set design

This was another thought, but, everyone wanted to chew on the towels instead of look at me

The single shots were EASY. Its like 4-5 month old babies, EASY. The first two are girls, the rest are boys...



Blitz, one of my favorite males, but, probably going to a pet home because I don't think he will get all his eyerim pigment



Pac Man




The kids included. Poor Tanis, you can tell she feels awful
Posted By: Jim Garvie

Re: 4 week puppy portraits... - 10/11/10 11:59 AM

Wow!! Great set of shots. Please tell Tanis that she has her mother's artistic eye -- the set design is impeccable.

I love all the shots but the one on the pedestal table is very special. Where did you get Sundance's pink tutu?

OK, so who are you keeping????

Posted By: Julie

Re: 4 week puppy portraits... - 10/11/10 12:55 PM

I am keeping Chroma for sure, there are about 4 males I'd like to keep, and I am going to co-own the best one with a friend of mine who is moving from saints, to whippets. She's been in saints 20+ years and is looking for a smaller, easier to keep, healthier breed. She has a sister to Cinnamon and is one of the people who talked me into whippets in the first place.

Spot is one my husband wants to keep, as he has such a great outgoing personality. I just have to keep my numbers down. Rojo is another on the short list too, and Czarny, though, I think Czarny may be the one I send to my friend.
Posted By: keechbw

Re: 4 week puppy portraits... - 10/11/10 12:56 PM

Those are so darn cute! Great job inspite of your troubles! Pressing through helps to get the job done.
Posted By: Jim Garvie

Re: 4 week puppy portraits... - 10/11/10 01:36 PM

Chroma is really adorable. They all are but that one is truly special. Wow, going from Saints to Whippets would be like me going from Rotties to Yorkies!! Talk about culture shock!

Only 4 more weeks . . .keep shooting.

Posted By: Jenfroh

Re: 4 week puppy portraits... - 10/11/10 02:50 PM

I saw these on facebook... just gorgeous!
Posted By: StarrLight

Re: 4 week puppy portraits... - 10/20/10 12:12 AM

Extremely cute!! Love that one of Czarny peeking up out of the wicker basket. Where did you get the multi colored jester color?

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