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Puppy Update @ 6 Weeks

Posted By: Jim Garvie

Puppy Update @ 6 Weeks - 10/10/11 06:51 PM

Well the puppies are now 6 weeks old, have received their first set of shots and today, went outside to meet the world. We generally don't put the pups outside until they've been vaccinated but especially if we're in a place where other dogs have lived before we were here. And that's the case in our new home. So, we waited a little longer and, with the weekend rains finally gone, set up the Xpens and let the puppies find out about grass, leaves, dirt, shade, sun and what it's like to simply run like crazy. They loved it!! It also gave us our first real chance to see the pups in unrestricted action and to see them self-stack, pose and demonstrate pack dynamics so we can see each of their personalities.

First up, the world outside of the whelping box smile.

Here are the boys: Big Blue, The Plumster and Rascally Red.

Ms. Pink showing us her topline.

Big Blue striking a pose.

The Plumster stretching it all out.

And, finally, several of Mr. Red who is fast getting to be our personal pick. Well, he and Big Blue. And, of course, the girls. Oh, heck, we have no clue yet but here are some cute pics of Mr. Red.

Ms. Lt Blue got the short end of my photography today but she was busy dive-bombing the other puppies. She'll be the focus of tomorrow's outing.


Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Puppy Update @ 6 Weeks - 10/10/11 07:03 PM

It's hard to believe that they are already 6 weeks old!! Will any of these guys be staying with you permanently, or are you still deciding that? I particularly like the individual photos of Mr. Blue and Mr. Red. Can't wait to see more of Light Blue. :P

Posted By: Jim Garvie

Re: Puppy Update @ 6 Weeks - 10/10/11 07:31 PM

this litter is line-bred on Rowdy -- Max is a Rowdy son and Juneau is a Rowdy granddaughter -- so the plan has always been to keep an RJ (Rowdy Jr.) or a Rowdette. In other words, we'll keep the best puppy regardless of whether it's one of the girls or one of the boys. Having said that, in our hearts we'd really love to keep a boy and our two favorites at the moment are Mr. Red and Big Blue. Blue was the initial chunk of the litter and he's very nice and very mellow. Red was the smallest at birth and has moved up steadily. He has a certain look when you look in his eyes and an absolutely gorgeous topline -- which was one of Rowdy's strengths. Plummy is very nice and we totally adore him but we think he'll be going to a great pet home. The two girls, Pinkie and Lt Blue are really, really nice. We have great show homes for them but it will be hard to pass on either of them. We're still a couple of weeks from having to make a decision so we'll watch them carefully over this week particularly to see primarily how they move and what their personalities are like. Then we'll decide on ours and place the others. Or, we'll keep them all smile! We are still talking about that half-seriously.

Posted By: FretlessD

Re: Puppy Update @ 6 Weeks - 10/10/11 11:10 PM

Those are some good looking pups. I really love the one where Red is walking toward the camera. The look in his eyes, such intensity. I can see why he's your fav. I don't relish your job of picking one over the next couple of weeks. There all beauties!

Posted By: Jim Garvie

Re: Puppy Update @ 6 Weeks - 10/10/11 11:55 PM

Thank you. Here is the dog they need to emulate. Not imitate. Not even match. Just be as like him as possible.

Rowdy on his 10th Birthday. Formal Portrait.

Rowdy stacked at 10 years old.

And taking an Award Of Merit in Louisville at 10 years of age over 2 Best In Show Rotties.

Rowdy was A/C/BIS UCI Int'l Ch Loral's Der Terminator CGC, TT, HIC, RTD-TDI, Delta Society.

Posted By: FretlessD

Re: Puppy Update @ 6 Weeks - 10/11/11 03:52 AM

Thanks for sharing those photos. Those are some big shoes to fill. Red has a good start with his topline. I especially love the one of Rowdy's gait. Great photo! I wish I could have seen him move about that ring. Beautiful extension. Hats off to your handler keeping up with that boy!

Posted By: Jim Garvie

Re: Puppy Update @ 6 Weeks - 10/11/11 11:31 AM

Thanks Doug. Rowdy was very handsome and a wonderful show dog that simply loved to show. But his greatest "skill" was a truly bullet-proof temperament that allowed him to earn Therapy Dog certification from both TDI and The Delta Society. He and I did school programs. He and I worked with special needs children: MS, MD, Autistic. He and I visited convalescent homes to put on shows and give love. He could be laying next to a small child in a room full of other dogs and I never worried about him doing anything more than make sure the child wasn't stepped on.

Before that moving shot was taken, this was Rowdy waiting to go into the ring.

Rowdy starring in a school talent show as the Dandy Lion with his best friend, Melanie Leon.

And, a few years later, with Mel for her High School graduation picture.

What made Rowdy special wasn't the fact that he was an outstanding show dog. It was the fact that he was an outstanding dog that changed a lot of people's perception about Rottweilers. Yes, I miss him. I'm hoping a piece of him is in these puppies.

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