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Misty Remembered.

Posted By: FretlessD

Misty Remembered. - 01/07/12 05:29 AM

It's been a rough week. I lost one of my best clients yesterday. Misty was a 10 year old Maltese that I have groomed for all ten of her years... every two weeks.

She died suddenly yesterday morning. I won't go into the details as I don't think I can tell the story one more time. But, I had groomed her on Wednesday. Her mom said she didn't seem herself and could I keep a close eye on her. She acted just fine. She loved coming to us. She was always six feet away from me and if I left for lunch or a break, she would bark until I returned. (It drove my wife nuts!) Upon my return, she would be content as can be. Wed., she seemed her usually bright & vivacious self.

I can not believe how much the news of her passing has affected me. I will miss her so and my heart goes out to Susan & Mel in their time of sorrow. -- Doug

Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Misty Remembered. - 01/11/12 09:01 PM

Hey Doug,

Sorry for the family's and your loss.

Posted By: FretlessD

Re: Misty Remembered. - 01/15/12 09:00 PM

Thanks, James. Sorry to have been such a downer. I guess it was just too raw. -- Doug
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