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Posted By: Jim Garvie

Jag - 01/21/12 06:41 PM

Eleven years ago, our first Rottie girl, Annie Fay (Ch Nordike's Ruffiann V Mobster) had her second and last litter of puppies. There were eight in all, 7 girls and 1 boy. And, ironically, the first puppy to pop out was the boy. He became Red Boy and later, Jag (Annihaus Canine Mutiny NJP). This litter turns 11 on February 1 and, last week, Jag came to live with us for a while. He had broken his right front leg in an altercation with his younger brother and his owners are unable to care for him during the recuperation period. So, off he went to the Annihaus Convalescent Home.

Here are a couple of pictures of Jag when he was in his prime. He had a gorgeous headpiece, much like his daddy, Rueger (Ch Der Hagen's Rueger V Adelant).

But he wasn't just another pretty face. He loved to run and jump and it wasn't long before he was running in Agility.

He actually ran in a lot of Agility Trials but Jag was always an independent thinker. He believed that he was much better at designing Agility Courses than the judges for those events and so he tended to run his own courses most of the time smile. But with such obvious glee that people would line up outside of the ring just to watch Jag's freestyle runs.

Well, Jag no longer runs or jumps much. But he still has attitude and although we were expecting a dejected old man to come here for his mandated crate rest, we got instead, the same old Jag. Stubborn. Strong as an Ox. And full of life and love. He's accepting the crate rest reluctantly. But when I take him outside, he has every intention of going his way regardless of the leash suggesting a different way. And, more often than not, I give in and we go his way. He has made one concession to his infirmity: he expects his grandma, Linda, to hand-feed him. So, he lays down on the floor while grandma is mixing his food, I lay down with him and we cuddle, and then Linda feeds him. He's gotten old but he's the same puppy that I delivered some 11 years ago. Here's Jag in the yard last week.

Like all of us that have entered into our mature years, Jag has gotten a little more white around the muzzle but he's still enjoying life and we're delighted to still be enjoying him. Wish him a quick recovery.


Posted By: DonParrot

Re: Jag - 01/21/12 09:27 PM

Great report, Jim. Shows your love for your dogs.
Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Jag - 01/23/12 01:42 PM

Hey Jim,

Agreed - great story. That third shot of him going over the hurdle is awesome. The look is just precious. Well done.

Posted By: Jim Garvie

Re: Jag - 01/24/12 03:24 PM

Thanks both to Don and to James. Jag is feeling pretty chipper this week. This morning, he dragged me around the yard so he could pee on every vertical object he could find. And with over a wooded acre, there are a LOT of vertical objects. He's dealing with the crate time very well. He eats like a horse. And he's telling me when we go outside that while he likes my company, he's perfectly capable of motoring around the yard with that splint on his leg. I have him on a leash and I tag along to make sure he doesn't over-do it. Attitude. That joie de vivre that makes you just smile. Jag has it to the max. I love this boy.

Posted By: Jim Garvie

Re: Jag - 02/13/12 08:27 PM

On Saturday, Jag's splint came off and he went home to his "regular" family. He had gotten very picky in terms of eating and had gotten noticeably weaker. We asked the vet to run a geriatric panel on Saturday and today, the results showed highly elevated levels of renal failure. At noon, his owner called us and told us that he was failing rapidly. We drove up to the vet's and the three of us held Jag as he was eased along on his trip to the Rainbow Bridge.

We, as breeders, have shared the joy of holding those puppies in our hands as they draw their first breath. A moment filled with joy and tremendous expectations. And we've all-too-frequently held them in our arms as they drew their last breath. And celebrated a life full of unconditional love from them and, hopefully, as much love as they could bear from us and their owners. That last moment is very sad. But we are tremendously grateful that our owners have asked us to be there with them.

Without the joy, there can be no pain. Without the pain, there would be emptiness. Jag, we loved you for those 11 years you were here on earth and we'll continue to love your memory for the rest of our lives. You were a great dog.

Posted By: LauraJ

Re: Jag - 02/14/12 12:20 AM

I'm sorry
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Jag - 02/14/12 04:04 AM

Hi Jim,

We are very sorry.

Posted By: DonParrot

Re: Jag - 02/14/12 07:48 AM

It's always bitter if you have to let a friend go to the happy hunting grounds.
My thoughts are with you and his family, Jim!
Posted By: Kerri

Re: Jag - 02/14/12 12:04 PM

I'm sorry for your loss, Jim.
Posted By: Lesley

Re: Jag - 02/15/12 12:23 PM

What a wonderful life Jag had! Of course it always pains me when our breed has to leave us so soon in life. Rottweilers are such fabulous companions and it makes it so very hard to say good bye to each and everyone of them. It sounds and looks like Jag was very much loved and a very happy boy, just look at that huge Rottie smile he has coming over the jump! Says it all! Godspeed Jag....
Posted By: Welshfilly

Re: Jag - 02/15/12 02:06 PM

I loved the story you wrote of Jag's life and enjoyed seeing your photos of him. So sorry to read your news... but it sounds like he had a great time living life to it's fullest.

Posted By: goldenstarphoto

Re: Jag - 03/28/12 02:01 AM

I am so sorry for your loss. Your pictures and stories touched me.
Posted By: Jim Garvie

Re: Jag - 04/01/12 02:39 PM

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. It means a lot. We've developed a memorial ad for the upcoming issue of Working Dog Digest and I wanted to share it with you.

Jag would have loved to meet all of you. And, yes, he would have smiled when he saw you smile.

Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Jag - 04/01/12 07:03 PM

Very nice, Jim. Well done.

Posted By: StarrLight

Re: Jag - 05/01/12 04:33 AM

Originally Posted By: Jim Garvie
Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. It means a lot. We've developed a memorial ad for the upcoming issue of Working Dog Digest and I wanted to share it with you.

Jag would have loved to meet all of you. And, yes, he would have smiled when he saw you smile.


Aww, such a great memorial Jim. It brought tears to my eyes. He was a lucky dog to have had such loving people in his life.
Posted By: Peggy Sue

Re: Jag - 05/01/12 11:42 AM

You have used two of my favorite images that i have seen posted of Jag. What a lovely memorial ad. I hope this helps you heal the hurt when you see those smiles.
Posted By: Jim Garvie

Re: Jag - 05/03/12 11:51 AM

Thanks Peggy Sue. Jag was very special to us. He was the only boy in Annie's second (and last) litter and he lived close to us so we got to see him often and had him stay with us often. It also took us a long time to bond. As a puppy, he'd never look me in the eye and even as an adult, he often challenged me. And then one day, we had a heart-to-heart and from then on, he was "my guy". Personally, I think he was mad at me for letting him go to another home smile. He had a great life and made a lot of people smile. What more can you ask of a life!

Posted By: zhucehao

Re: Jag - 05/17/12 02:32 PM

I like the dog!
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