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Our recent foster rescues

Posted By: rpcrowe

Our recent foster rescues - 09/10/12 01:41 AM

Bentley: rescue Maltese about two years old (adopted)...

CoCo: six months old Maltese (adopted)

Bernadette's puppy - one of five Maltese cross siblings (too young for adoption)

Tiny Tim: four month old Maltese/Chihuahua cross born in our home of a Maltese mom (waiting for his furever home)...

Malibu: year old Maltese (adopted)

Romeo and Juliet: Romeo is the smaller Maltese about five-years old and Juliet is the larger Maltese/Poodle cross about two years old. (Juliet adopted)(Romeo waiting for his furever home)

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Posted By: dolly

Re: Our recent foster rescues - 09/13/12 07:03 AM

Cute and adorable collections of pets.

Just love them.
Posted By: kate47

Re: Our recent foster rescues - 12/27/12 01:09 PM

All are beautiful pets and it was wonderful of you to adopt them.
Posted By: gdoed98

Re: Our recent foster rescues - 01/30/13 11:11 AM

Gosh! They are so adorable and very very very cute. I'd love to have one of them so my pet Jacob will have a play mate.

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