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Posted By: James Morrissey

Cormorant - 05/11/08 08:36 PM

Hey Everyone,

I am not a birder, but I have had a mild obsession with the cormorant for a few years. My first cormorant I ever saw was in a photograph taken by my friend Adam. From there, I was hooked - mostly by their beautiful eyes. This is one of a series that I took while in Monterey.

Obviously, I like this shot a lot, but, I am wondering about the 'negative space' along the diagnal of the shot..specifically, I am wondering if I should have composed slightly more to the right. Does it work for you folks? Thoughts?

Posted By: TangoWay

Re: Cormorant - 05/11/08 08:57 PM


I probably would have cropped a little tighter, but I really like the shot. I know what you mean about the eyes.
Posted By: rustinm

Re: Cormorant - 05/11/08 10:33 PM


I like the diagonal however I also like the detail in the wings and how it plays with the detail in the rocks. I would have tried to crop a little tighter but only if I could have keep the diagonal.
Posted By: Peggy Sue

Re: Cormorant - 05/11/08 11:52 PM

I like this image just as it is presented. It gives the bird room to move as it is indicating it will do. Nice shot!
Posted By: Jim Rickards

Re: Cormorant - 05/14/08 02:15 AM

Good capture, especially the eyes. I like it as is, but see that the crop would make the bird larger, perhaps more beautiful, but show less of his surroundings.
Posted By: Dale Forrest

Re: Cormorant - 05/19/08 02:06 AM

Hi James,

I agree with others that you shouldn't crop any part of the image.
The balance is just right for my eye.
The only change I would make would be to darken the background a little bit,
keeping the cormorant brighter, and then I would be sure to mat and frame it
so that your eye is not lost on the bright background.

I would use a darker mat with a thin pinline of color something like this.

just my thoughts.

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