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Looking back at Zion...

Posted By: rpcrowe

Looking back at Zion... - 06/07/10 03:59 PM

While driving away from Zion National Park late one October afternoon, I saw these colors in my rear view mirror and luckily there was a spot to stop and shoot this image before the magic light changed. I like the way the light is rimming the peaks in the background separating them from the sky.
Posted By: Tucson Jim

Re: Looking back at Zion... - 06/12/10 11:00 PM

Hi Richard:

I agree. The light is very nice, which begs the question . . . leaving Zion during the golden hour?

That said, some of the best views are out the rear view mirror. Unfortunately, we are seldom blessed with the opportunity to pull over and take advantage of it. Good catch.


Re: Looking back at Zion... - 07/01/10 03:18 PM

I'm jealous of you great photographers, lol, AND the great places you manage to be in all the time!

:- )
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