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C&Candpick your fav

Posted By: Randall

C&Candpick your fav - 08/12/11 12:56 AM

Hello Everyone it's been a while since my last post ,been very busy as most of you are I'm sure.
Would you please take a moment and help me decide which is the better "MOST SALABLE" photo . I value all the opinions I can obtain.

Thanks Randall
Posted By: RomanJohnston

Re: C&Candpick your fav - 08/12/11 01:10 PM

I like the top one because it shows off both sides of the bird as well as the left bird is in a very "classic" pose. Both are very nice though.

Posted By: Randall

Re: C&Candpick your fav - 08/12/11 09:01 PM

Thanks Roman -can't argue with your choice . I appreciate your quick response.
Posted By: FretlessD

Re: C&Candpick your fav - 08/13/11 03:39 AM

I also like the top image best. It has a wider range of color. I like how the color tone at the base of the top bird's tail match the tone of the branch he's sitting upon. The layers of feathers unfold with colors of browns, greys, and reds.

I like how the lower bird's chest lightens to the underbelly just 10% to 15% darker up the scale of the snow.

It's a richer image. Nice work.

Posted By: Sunstruck

Re: C&Candpick your fav - 08/20/11 12:01 PM

I only see one photo?
Did you remove the 2nd one?
Posted By: StarrLight

Re: C&Candpick your fav - 08/22/11 06:12 AM

Agree with the others as far as the first shot. Gorgeous colors.
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