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C&C tiny toad

Posted By: KatieC

C&C tiny toad - 09/15/11 05:12 PM

Hi everyone smile I am new here and am looking for some C&C. I have TONS of pics, but since I can only post one I am posting this tiny toad picture. I only cropped it so far...should I do anything else to it in PS? I have been reading books and feel like I am understanding exposure and such better...this is one of my most recent pics. Does it suck? cool

Posted By: Jim Garvie

Re: C&C tiny toad - 09/15/11 05:52 PM

it's actually quite nice. I wish I could see it larger but from what I can see, the composition, color balance and areas of focus are all very nicely done. I might crop it closer to the toad but I don't know how much resolution you're dealing with in the original image. If you could post this a bit bigger, I'd love to see it.

Posted By: KatieC

Re: C&C tiny toad - 09/15/11 06:15 PM

blush I "replaced" the old with the new cropped one when I edited it.
Posted By: KatieC

Re: C&C tiny toad - 09/15/11 06:16 PM

Oh! and thank you Jim smile
Posted By: gebert

Re: C&C tiny toad - 09/15/11 08:55 PM

It's a very nice image although I would crop it so that the subject-the toad-stands out more. I'm wondering how you ever even saw the toad since it's so cammoflaged!
Posted By: KatieC

Re: C&C tiny toad - 09/15/11 09:37 PM

Thanks smile I have like a super power for seeing tiny frogs and lizards and things. I truly am in love with this site and after looking through some of the forum today feel like I am going to fit in here nicely...nature is my thing. I was walking along and noticed this tiny thing jump as I stepped down and upon investigating found this little guy. He was VERY jumpy and hard to get a shot of...I had to smash myself against the ground which was a challenge to hold the camera still as he was all of 2 inches of toad lol

Here is another angle/crop...I didn't like it as much though..
Posted By: Marty Everhard

Re: C&C tiny toad - 09/16/11 02:56 AM

I read it from the bottom post up. My first thought was, tighter crop. Going backwards, everyone agreed with my first impression. Tighter still. I would follow the rule of thirds and beam it on in,Welcome to the forum':)
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