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Posted By: K.B. Photography

Crazy? - 11/18/11 04:07 AM

Some might call me crazy.... ok, most will call me crazy.

But sometimes you just have to lay down with them to get the shot.


If you're still looking at the image... feel free to critique it smile
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Crazy? - 11/19/11 01:21 AM

Hey Kevin,

This is an excellent portrait. It is hard to find anything wrong with it. It is quite a dramatic photo. I think you posted some photos of snakes in the past which you were right on top of. LOL, better you than me. Snakes make me very uncomfortable in a very primitive way.

Posted By: Gale

Re: Crazy? - 11/26/11 02:55 AM

Dramatic indeed. Great photo.

Call you crazy.. Ok you are crazy lolol
Not for me
Posted By: Peggy Sue

Re: Crazy? - 11/26/11 03:48 AM

Love your last sentence. Yes I did keep looking at the image and I kept turning the laptop to see if I preferred it horizontal. Great capture of that tongue.
Posted By: K.B. Photography

Re: Crazy? - 12/16/11 02:32 PM

The thing with Cotton's is... when they are in defensive mode they are looing up at you which tends to lead to a better vertical shot... unless you're shooting the whole body. On this image I had someone with me and the Cotton was more worried about him than me... thus he kept his eye on my buddy and I got some great shots.

Getting good tounge flick shots can be a challenge sometimes because the movement is so quick. It's normally a timing issue and I fire a burst when I think it's going to happen.

I got really lucky with that shot and how it kinda bends back over the head.
Posted By: KaPe

Re: Crazy? - 01/08/12 09:50 AM

Hi Kevin,

Im very impressed by this shot!!!
Posted By: Diane

Re: Crazy? - 01/11/12 02:08 AM

Totally crazy!!!! smile
Posted By: Jim Poor

Re: Crazy? - 01/11/12 02:51 AM

Wow, that's just amazing. I always kept an eye out for snake shots when I was doing birds, but never came close to anything like this!
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