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common pair

Posted By: Peggy Sue

common pair - 11/22/11 03:40 AM

All comments greatly appreciated. smile

Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: common pair - 11/25/11 08:24 PM

Hi Peggy,

Sorry, somehow I did not see this earlier! The photo appears to be very nicely exposed and sharp. As a picture goes, it hits all of the right places properly. However, and this may sound stupid, so please bear with me. However, I am not 100% sure of what the subject is. I know that there are two birds in the photo (a male and a female), however, there is no interaction between them that I can see, and the composition seems to lack a sense of drama in terms of something going to be happening.


Posted By: Peggy Sue

Re: common pair - 11/25/11 10:12 PM

Thank you James for responding. Mallards are so very common that I did not think of mentioning the name. I totally agree with you in the lack of drama. They did seem sweet as a pair to me since he was guarding her resting position. I must admit I am very drawn to the leaves everywhere which in my eyes adds depth in the water.

I will be painting this composition and now you have mentioned some concerns that may make me second guess that decision smile
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: common pair - 11/25/11 10:44 PM

Hey Peggy,

I think a lot of the issue for me has to do with framing. For example, it might be a more interesting composition if the two mallards were at the top right of the frame leading into the larger space of water and leaves.

Posted By: Bob D.

Re: common pair - 11/25/11 10:45 PM

I missed this when it was posted. It's a nice image. The exposure is correct, focus sharp, and there's some nice feather detail to be found.

The biggest issue I have with this shot, and many, many like it, is the point of view. Without being familar with the location I can only guess but it appears you're standing above the subjects... probablly with your camera on top of a tripod. This is a shot that would improve drastically just by kneeling down to take the shot... getting closer to "birds eye level." Or perhaps even better, bellying down on the ground for the ultimate low angle of view perspective. Many times the difference between nice work by talented amatuers and semi-pros vs the stellar shots taken by top-level pros is that the pros will get dirty, muddy, soaking wet or whatever else it takes to get that low angle of view on subjects that are on the ground/water surface.

The hen is very easily over-looked. Her camo is working really, really well. I kind of like the visual surprise she provides when you finally spot her. The glare on the water somewhat competes for attention with the subjects. A polarizer might have made a little difference here... not that I use them much myself. Compositionally I'd like to see less water beneath the drake. A crop a bit above your watermark would work for me.

It's a nice image and there's a lot to like about it. However if I didn't point out the things I see that I feel might have improved it I wouldn't be doing you any favors since you're looking for a critique. Always remember, all these thoughts are subjective and other viewers may see it much differently.
Posted By: Peggy Sue

Re: common pair - 11/25/11 11:44 PM

Thanks Bob. I understand from the reactions that my perspective on this image is not what you view as flattering to the birds. I find shooting pets from this angle very uncomfortable so I really do not know why I like this angle on them.
I think my concentrating on the water may be a problem.
I do so love critiques. Honest response of always appreciated!
Posted By: Marty Everhard

Re: common pair - 11/26/11 02:51 AM

I would have shot the one duck and left out the
huge watermark. My humble opinion is humble and ymmv....
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: common pair - 12/02/11 10:49 PM

Hi Peggy,

I was thinking more of a landscape as you had it originally, but yes, you are getting the idea. Since it is for painting, I would also include more of the plant life in the water going through what would otherwise be the negative space of the image. This way, the duck has a direction to be going...

Posted By: Peggy Sue

Re: common pair - 12/02/11 11:24 PM

James, thanks for the comments. My question is should there different criteria for different forms of artwork? I hope you enjoy more questions. I think that can create further discussion as to how and why we create our artforms.
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