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Wildlife in northern idaho

Posted By: Predator

Wildlife in northern idaho - 01/03/08 04:24 PM

hi everybody,
ill be flying to north idaho in february from germany actually to visit friends and go snowboarding.
i would luv to bring my camera and am lookin for some ideas of how and where to get some good wildlife shots.
maybe buffalo in the snow or some predators... ?
Posted By: Tony Bynum

Re: Wildlife in northern idaho - 01/03/08 05:37 PM

What do you mean when you say northern idaho, what towns etc?

Not too much that I know of to successfully shoot in N.Idaho. Montana (3-4 hours has more, and you could even hit wildeyes if you shoot captives - I dont, but many many people go there from all across the nation). There are some areas that have some great whitetails, but I dont know of them anymore, they change over time and I've not shot there in years.

If I were going to be in NIdaho, I'd check out the
Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge near Bonner. . .
Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Wildlife in northern idaho - 01/04/08 05:41 AM


Tony's question seems right on the money. Where in Northern Idaho are you going to be traveling? I have read several pieces on wolves in Northern Idaho while working on my newsletters. I did a quick google search and found a few on them. As to other big critters, like Bison/Elk/Moose, I am not really sure.

Here are some links about wolves. The first link is a bit older. The 2nd link though, which talks about wolf management seems to corroborate some of the data though.

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