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Wachella Falls Pano #1

Posted By: RomanJohnston

Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 03/01/11 07:06 PM

I climbed up about 2/3 up the canyon wall on the eroding rocks to get this perspective. One of my favorite falls in the Gorge.

Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 03/01/11 08:45 PM

Hi Roman,

When i first looked at the photo, I was not 100% sure what to make of the photo, fearing that the falls were getting lost. However, the more I look at it, the more I like it. There are so many things in the photo for the eye. It is a really nice piece, and I like the perspective and the pano format. The falls become a piece of a much larger thing rather than the subject.

Anyway, very nice photo with a different perspective.

Posted By: RomanJohnston

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 03/02/11 02:04 PM

Thanks James. I cant wait to get back there again. As you said, on this one the goal was the place, not just the falls. Everyone who goes back there (myself included) has a shot of the falls. I have not seen many shots showing the essence of the canyon.
Posted By: Tyler

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 03/04/11 10:48 AM

Ahh Roman, you did it again. I was planning to go here in Oct for some autumn shots, didn't even hear about this waterfall until a couple weeks ago while browsing the NW Waterfall database. Beautiful shot.
Posted By: RomanJohnston

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 03/05/11 07:10 PM

Any time of year is interesting to go there. It is not that long of a hike.

Posted By: Tyler

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 03/15/11 01:57 PM

My wife saw your pic and wanted to go hiking last weekend, so we checked Tanner Creek out. I'm still going to come back here in the fall, but we both really enjoyed the hike. Now if I can just figure out how you get so much more detail :P

Posted By: RomanJohnston

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 03/31/11 06:22 PM

Hey Tyler!

Nice shot from the bridge. Isn't it just an amazing and not that hard of a hike?

I shoot on tripod, using live view's superior contrast based focus with a cable release. I shoot RAW and use a sharpening action that I like very much.

Posted By: Wendell

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 05/01/11 12:44 PM

Beautiful shot, a wild looking place. I would love to visit your state.
Posted By: spartacusii

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 05/14/11 06:05 AM

LOVE this shot, roman. is the bridge 'new' - i don't recall a bridge being there when when you took me. i Do recall us crawling out on some logs across the stream, tho - i'm pretty sure that was this waterfall?

Posted By: daveman

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 05/28/11 03:19 PM


I know this is an old post - but I would like to ask some questions about the first image. I know this may be a strange comment, but I like the image also but I am not sure why. Typically when I shoot an image that is only background, it is dull, has no depth, and does not bring me into the shot. This is regardless of how dramatic or beautiful the background actually is. I now rarely even try to take shots of a background unless I can find something interesting in the foreground preferrably, and if not, at least middle ground.

Now to this first shot from Roman. I really like the shot, but there is no foreground or midground. This is a shot entirely of a background, but I still feel like there is a depth to it, and I am brought into the image.... why???
I have noticed this with several of Roman's images.... Is it because of the detail? This image does not have particularly strong shadows or contrast, or some sort of dynamic composition - yet I am still attracted to it.

Is it because the elevated perspective? If so, why am I not bothered by the lack of foreground / middle ground?

Hope these questions are understandable and someone can relate to them...
Posted By: Tucson Jim

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 05/28/11 09:52 PM


While I do not necessarily agree that this particular photo lacks a foreground or mid-ground, I do believe that Roman has a very distinctive style to the post processing of many of his images.

In addition to the sharpening action he references above, I think the vibrance,clarity, and subtle color adjustments Roman makes produce images with a distinctive look and feel that appeals to you.

What do you think, Roman?

Posted By: Tyler

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 05/31/11 06:08 PM

Having been there myself, even taking a few shots from roughly the same spot, I can say why Roman's shot appeals to me so much; It looks like what you would see with your own eyes if you were sitting up on top of the rock slide.
Posted By: Randall

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 06/10/11 02:30 PM

Great shot Roman-- I think it's all of the above including his pano's put together to give more detail and clarity his sharpening and processing technique has captured me for a long time now. I probably don't take the time to process my images as well as I should because I can't get great icon's here, but you inspire me to do so.
Thanks Roman
Posted By: Gale

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 06/28/11 08:56 PM

That is absolutely stunning.
I would be proud to have that on my wal very large:>)))

So sorry about that bruhaha elsewhere.
I did know where to find you though.
I have not been active here, but do look in:)))

I don't feel I have anything worthy of the images posted in these forums.

Best Always.

Just a little pS...Maybe for my 70th birthday I will go to WA next june. Perhaps I can talk my son in law to go to
Like to meet up with you.
Posted By: Durwood Edwards

Re: Wachella Falls Pano #1 - 07/07/11 08:59 PM


Another excessively beautiful image by Roman!

Very nice, indeed.
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