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Lewis's Woodpecker

Posted By: muus

Lewis's Woodpecker - 06/01/11 01:21 PM

There were three of them and this day they were very cooperative and came close enough for my 70-300mm lens.

Posted By: James Morrissey

Re: Lewis's Woodpecker - 06/01/11 05:17 PM

Hey Muus,

These are both excellent! Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the forum.

Posted By: muus

Re: Lewis's Woodpecker - 06/02/11 10:46 AM

Thanks James for commenting and welcome.
Posted By: StarrLight

Re: Lewis's Woodpecker - 06/08/11 04:08 AM

Beautiful detail and color!
Posted By: Gale

Re: Lewis's Woodpecker - 06/28/11 08:59 PM

Absolutely beautiful

New bird to me...
Posted By: YvetteH

Re: Lewis's Woodpecker - 06/29/11 04:33 PM

Very exciting. Excellent shots.
Posted By: Diane

Re: Lewis's Woodpecker - 07/07/11 11:30 AM

A great capture of a stunning bird. Good for you!!!
Posted By: Lesley

Re: Lewis's Woodpecker - 07/09/11 11:21 AM

What a fabulous looking Woodpecker. Wonderful images!
Posted By: Randall

Re: Lewis's Woodpecker - 07/10/11 12:07 AM

Look at the different personality's in the two shots good work
Posted By: Scott W

Re: Lewis's Woodpecker - 07/18/11 04:26 PM

Great shots, amazing detail in the eyes!
Posted By: FretlessD

Re: Lewis's Woodpecker - 07/28/11 03:37 AM

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