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Nov-Dec 2008 National Park News #18963
12/01/08 12:47 AM
12/01/08 12:47 AM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

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Manhattan, New York, New York
Hi Everyone,

These are the headlines that I thought were interesting over the last couple of weeks. As always, if you see something, post it or send me a note for the next news letter.



When pristineness attracts the crowds: "Eco-resort" stirs debate in Maine
WINTER HARBOR, Maine - More than an hour's drive from the bustle of Bar Harbor and the well-trodden trails of Mount Desert Island lies a secluded part of Acadia National Park. Here, the loudest sound is the surf as it crashes against the craggy granite rocks of the Schoodic Peninsula.

Residents of Maine town want to keep stars in their eyes
BAR HARBOR, Maine - On a clear night, the Milky Way cuts across the sky and down to the horizon like a celestial lightning bolt, a giant, luminescent spear shrouded in a graceful veil of back-lighted stardust.


Banff's jewel-- the accidental ski hill
In 1981, Banff poet and mountain chronicler Jon Whyte wrote that downhill skiers notoriously have no sense of history--at least while they are being skiers.

Three autumn hikes in the Canadian Rockies
BANFF NATIONAL PARK, ALBERTA — For beautiful blue-green lakes, snowy mountain vistas and fall foliage, Banff National Park can't be beat. Here are three trails to put on next fall's itinerary.

Banff: A winter star
Canada's Jasper and Banff National Parks shine in winter, when the chill draws skiers and explorers.

Death Valley:

Abandoned mines a deadly hazard on public land
Here in ghostly Skidoo, the holes and tunnels are everywhere, nearly a thousand of them puncturing mountains and cratering the desert. Cold winds blow through darkened shafts. Bats flutter in and out at twilight.

Death Valley: Winter’s Warm and Affordable Wonderland
f your ideal winter holiday includes bikinis over blizzards, golf clubs over ski clubs, and a suntan over a wind burn–not to mention savings over spending–consider California’s Death Valley National Park where hiking, swimming, golfing, and affordable fun are backed by temperate days and gorgeous eves.


It's first come, first served on McKinley
National Park Service initiates limit of 1,500 climbers

Judge says Iditarod winner guilty of moose kill in Denali
FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — A federal magistrate says four-time Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race winner Jeff King is guilty of illegally killing a moose inside Alaska's Denali National Park.


Get close to alligators in the Everglades' Shark Valley Loop
The most exciting place to pedal a bicycle in Florida, if not the galaxy, is in Everglades National Park on the Shark Valley Loop. A bike path, it begins off the Tamiami Trail, halfway between Miami and Naples, and slithers 7 1/2 miles into the heart of the River of Grass. Then it circles back to where it began.

Two meetings bring fisheries conservation to forefront
Fisheries conservation moves to the forefront this week with rulemaking bodies meeting concurrently in Key West and in Wilmington, N.C.

GPS malfunctions cause Florida Bay problems
Some misread them, sometimes they misread

Volunteers enjoy helping to maintain Everglades National Park
EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK - Retired Bell South training manager Dick Johnson stood in a remote wilderness campsite earlier this week , aiming the nozzle of a pressure washer at a wooden platform for a tent. A few yards away, his wife, Joyce, was scrubbing picnic tables, preparing for busloads of area elementary school students who soon will begin arriving for two-night stays through the winter.


Charges to be filed for Glacier Park elk shooting
WEST GLACIER — A bull elk is dead and a young Flathead Valley man is awaiting charges in what appears to have been a poaching case in Glacier National Park.

Jenna Otter returns to scene of grizzly bear attack
Three years after her father got between her body and the bear's jaws, Jenna Otter agrees to join him on a hike to the spot in Glacier National Park.

Glacier coffee shop gets historic status
The Daily Inter Lake. It may be just a coffee shop, but now it has the distinction of being on the National Historic Register.

Glacier road in funding limbo
WEST GLACIER, Mont. (AP) - Reconstruction of Glacier National Park's historic Going-to-the-Sun Road will not be finished on schedule.

Proposed EPA rules may effect Glacier
Glacier National Park may have problems with air quality if new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules are passed.

Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon park to close main North Rim road
GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. (AP) - The main roadway leading to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is set to close for the winter on Monday.

Small fire at Grand Canyon National Park
GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. (AP) - A small lightning-caused fire has been discovered on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Report: Bad practices led to plague death
A U.S. government wildlife expert at the Grand Canyon who died from the plague after touching a dead cougar wasn't properly supervised, an agency report said.

Grand Teton:

Perfect Landing: Snake River Landing a new commerce epicenter
Watch out Grand Teton Mall, you’ve got serious competition on the horizon. Snake River Landing, an ambitious multi-use development encompassing 400 acres between the Snake River and the I-15 is headed into Idaho Falls.

Slice of Americana amid autumn beauty
The American economy may be in a gloomy descent toward recession as the nation slogs through the final days of a bitterly divisive presidential election, but it was hard to find anything to say but "oooh and ahhh" during a 10-day fall road trip through two of those United States of America.

Cutting Pow with Fat Skis
My main mission for this ski season is to have as much fun as possible skiing everyday. This upcoming winter will be my fourth year skiing/living at one of the best places in the world, Jackson, Wyoming.

Elk refuge to release more hunting permits
The National Elk Refuge will release additional elk permits for both the north and south units from Nov. 16 through the end of the refuge elk hunting season on Dec. 5, refuge officials announced today.

Great Smoky:

Smokies' formation began 500 million to 600 million years ago
As the Great Smoky Mountains National Park prepares to celebrate its 75th year, students of history and geology are pondering questions that go back much farther than the park's creation in the 1930s. The most fascinating queries to them concern the actual formation of the mountains, their age and topography.

Andrew Johnson's life, legacy marked
It's not often that the celebration of the 200th birthday of a U.S. president and the 100th anniversary of a major landmark occur at the same time.

Tourists seeking snow frustrated by Smoky Mountain road closures
Snow has officially taken the place of leaves as one of the Great Smoky Mountains' main attractions.

Misc. Parks News:

BLM, Park Service at odds over drilling near Utah parks
A high-level fight has erupted within the Interior Department between the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service over plans to sell leases for oil and gas drilling near Arches, Canyonlands and Dinosaur National Monument.

Want To Learn How to Walk on Snow (Olympic and Mt. Rainier)?
If you've been paying attention, you checked out some new snowshoes on these pages last week. This week, you'll find out where you can learn how to use them.

Mount Rainier:

Volunteer brigade makes a difference at Rainier
Nearly 1,840 volunteers gave 70,130 hours of their time at Mount Rainier National Park this last fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30. That translates into $1.37 million worth of work, representing more than 10 percent of the park’s annual operating budget.

Highway 123 in Rainier National Park expected to open today (note, Nov 25)
Highway 123 in Mount Rainier National Park will open at noon after crews finish stabilizing the roadway following last week's washouts.


The spotted owl disappearing act
The number of spotted owls in the Pacific Northwest is dwindling. Some experts think an aggressive owl cousin, not logging, is to blame.

Washington's Olympic National Park makes a gorgeous, low-budget getaway
When the economy gets tough, it's time to get going on cheap trips.

Mass transit possibly in Olympic National Park's future
PORT ANGELES -- Olympic National Park will explore a federal grant to help fund mass transportation to various sites in the park -- including Hurricane Ridge for skiers.


Balancing Access, Protection
SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK - Shenandoah National Park wants input on how to best protect pristine areas while still allowing visitors to enjoy them.

Saving a Civil War Legacy In Va.'s Shenandoah Valley
In 1762, the Huntsberry family settled the land along Redbud Run, outside Winchester, with a deed from Lord Fairfax. Eight generations later, Bob Huntsberry spent his summers there as a child, finding rusted Minie balls that had been fired from the muskets of Civil War soldiers. He grew up steeped in elders' stories of the day, late in the summer of 1864, when Union Gen. Philip Sheridan and 39,000 troops came marching in.

Hikers and Campers Are Damaging Terrain
The steady trek of hikers and campers is taking a toll on the craggy ridges of Shenandoah National Park.


In Yellowstone, cellphones, debate are heard
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - Natural forces over millennia created the geysers, peaks, and canyons that fascinate visitors here. But a newer feature is emerging on this stunning landscape - cell-phone towers.

YNP superintendent in Bozeman, touches on winter use controversy
The superintendent of Yellowstone National Park was in Bozeman Tuesday where she spoke to a packed room at the Museum of the Rockies.

Commission passes revision of wolf plan
Game and Fish officials hint that lawmakers might need to eliminate unregulated killing area.

View from the top at Yellowstone
Middletown residents Anne and Tom Cafiero stand at the Yellowstone River Overlook in Yellowstone National Park.


Rock threat danger closes part of Yosemite lodging
FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — An unstable cliff prompted officials Friday to permanently close some cabins in a popular Yosemite National Park lodge complex that has a long history of rockslides.

Falling boulders endanger lives at Yosemite
YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (AP) — For a decade, the National Park Service has known that the 3,000-foot granite cliff hanging over a tourist village at Yosemite is susceptible to colossal rockslides like one last month that crushed cabins and sent schoolchildren running for their lives.


Zion Park bus program will need additional money
On a busy summer day in Zion National Park, 16 propane-powered shuttle buses do the work that 5,000 cars once did.

Re: November 2008 National Park News [Re: James Morrissey] #18964
12/04/08 05:38 PM
12/04/08 05:38 PM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

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Update - 12/4/08

Glacier National Park:
Most Glacier Park roads closed
WEST GLACIER — Glacier National Park officials have restricted traffic on most park roads after heavy snowfall Tuesday.

Mount Rainier NP:
New pamphlet warns against feeding wildlife in national park
The pamphlet is filled with photos of some of the animals that call Mount Rainier National Park home.

Volcanoes National Park:
Park officials await branch of lava flow slowly approaching
A slow-moving tongue of molten rock that recently broke off from the main flow of lava on the Big Island is inching its way closer to the boundary of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and, not far from there, the Pacific Ocean.

Yosemite National Park:
Winter Getaway: Yosemite National Park
Whether coated in white snow or shrouded in stark winter gray, Yosemite National Park takes on a serene identity from December through February. Without summer crowds or hot sun, the park is prime for skiing, skating and quiet hikes to majestic sequoia trees—weather permitting. Suit up in waterproof attire, equip your car tires for icy conditions and prepare to be awestruck by the winter scene at Yosemite.

Re: November 2008 National Park News [Re: James Morrissey] #18965
12/05/08 12:35 PM
12/05/08 12:35 PM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

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Canyonlands NP:

Protests pour in against drilling leases:
Protests rolled in Thursday against the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's upcoming oil and gas lease sale: Preservationists, conservationists, archaeologists, businesses, river runners, anglers and hunters criticized plans to allow drilling in some of Utah's most sensitive and popular public lands.

Miscellaneous Parks:
National parks can be wonderlands in winter
When bison snort out steam at Yellowstone, snow bunnies traverse Yosemite's slopes, and mosquitoes vacate the Everglades, it's nature's way of telling travelers to consider a counterintuitive winter trip to a national park.

National Mall will be open for Obama inauguration
In a change from tradition, the entire length of the National Mall will be open to the public during the upcoming presidential inauguration, President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural committee announced Thursday.

National Park Foundation and National Park Service Present 85th Anniversary of the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree

Yellowstone NP:
Group seeks to reverse park snowmobile ruling
BILLINGS, Mont. » An environmental group wants a federal judge in Wyoming to dismiss his November order allowing up to 720 snowmobiles daily into Yellowstone National Park.

Yosemite NP:
Target shooter who sparked Yosemite fire sentenced
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Target shooter who sparked Yosemite fire sentenced
The Associated Press
Posted: 12/04/2008 07:00:28 PM PST

MARIPOSA, Calif.—A 29-year-old target shooter convicted of sparking a wildfire that burnt down 30 homes outside Yosemite National Park has been sentenced to 60 hours of community service.

Re: November 2008 National Park News [Re: James Morrissey] #18966
12/07/08 09:23 AM
12/07/08 09:23 AM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

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December 7, 2008 - Update

Cape Cod National Seashore
That old Cape Mod
Once slated for demolition, Modernist cottages in National Seashore in line for preservation

Misc. National Parks:
Guns will be allowed in national parks
Campers may now pack heat along with their sleeping bags when they travel to national parks.

Saguaro National Park
Our sunny winter wanderland
Desert hiking — like many other things in life — is all about timing. • Trek the Hugh Norris Trail in Saguaro National Park West on a blazing 108-degree day in June and you could end up feeling like a piece of meat coming off a steakhouse grill. • Ramble that same saguaro-studded trail on a 68-degree day in December and you might think you had landed in hikers' heaven. • The timing is right — now and for the next three months — to hike the many beautiful desert-elevation trails around Tucson. • From gentle, kid-friendly routes such as the Cactus Forest Trail in Saguaro National Park East to the steep Finger Rock Canyon Trail in the Catalina Mountains, our area is a winter-hiking wonderland.

Yellowstone NP:
Limited access to private property cited as elk movement contribution (not quite YSNP)
HELENA, Mont. - Access to private property during the hunting seasons has contributed to a change in elk movement patterns and brucellosis risk, according to the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

Re: November 2008 National Park News [Re: James Morrissey] #18967
12/08/08 11:31 AM
12/08/08 11:31 AM
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James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

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Just a couple of updates today:

Update December 8th, 2008:

Misc. Parks
Concealed Guns to be Allowed in National Parks (Same info reported on 12/7, BUT written from a slightly different perspective).
Visitors to U.S. national parks and wildlife refuges will be allowed to carry concealed weapons under an updated regulation (.pdf) announced on December 5 by the Department of the Interior (DOI). Under the new regulation, individuals will be allowed to carry a concealed weapon in a national park or wildlife refuge only if they are authorized to carry a concealed weapon in the state in which the park or refuge is located and the state where the park or refuge is located allows guns in parks.

Weekend Window: Gwaii Haanas
In Awe of Gwaii Haanas National Park in Canada
In the chilly waters just south of the Gulf of Alaska and a few miles off British Columbia's western coast lies a smattering of pristine, nearly undisturbed land masses known as the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Yellowstone National Park:
Yellowstone-area grizzly deaths see uptick
POWELL - The number of grizzly bear deaths in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem increased markedly this year, but the population continued to grow.

Re: November 2008 National Park News [Re: James Morrissey] #18968
12/09/08 01:58 PM
12/09/08 01:58 PM
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Carpal Tunnel

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December 9th Update:

Joshua Tree NP:
Joshua Tree: ‘Layer up’ and other tips for winter camping
With camping options year-round, we Southern Californian campers have it pretty good. When the coast is too soggy and the mountains too snowy, we can head to the desert for gorgeous scenery, sunny days and starry nights.

Misc Parks:
Park Service Targets 100s Of Deer Near Camp David
Sharpshooters would kill more than 2,000 white-tailed deer over 15 years to curb tree damage in Catoctin Mountain Park, the federal woodland surrounding Camp David, under a National Park Service plan awaiting final approval.

Parks generate $485M for Utah
National study » Nonlocal visitors drive local economies.
tah's national parks enrich not only our souls but also the economy. Parks infuse more than 11,000 jobs and nearly $485 million into the Utah economy, says a new study. Nationally, the parks accounted for 188,000 jobs and more than $18 billion in economic activity.

Yosemite NP:
Frozen in time at Yosemite National Park
Skaters enjoy 80th season of Curry Village Ice Rink after delay.
YOSEMITE VALLEY -- The spectacular views of Half Dome don't include snow at the moment, but skaters are still seeing it daily as they glide on a famous piece of ice in Yosemite National Park.

New acting superintendent to head Yosemite
YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif.—An interim superintendent for Yosemite National Park is scheduled to arrive within the next few weeks.

Re: November 2008 National Park News [Re: James Morrissey] #18969
12/11/08 06:29 PM
12/11/08 06:29 PM
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Carpal Tunnel

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12/11/08 Update

Misc. National Parks:
Historians fight proposed Wilder
ORANGE, Va. (AP) - Many of the nation's top historians are urging Wal-Mart not to build a 53-acre Supercenter complex near the Wilderness battlefield, the site of a pivotal Civil War skirmish.

Kalaupapa resident promoted park plan
Richard Marks lived out his life in a remote corner of Hawaii, but he had a global impact.

Yosemite NP:
Yosemite National Park’s Outdoor Ice Rink Opens for Winter Season
osemite National Park, CA – December 2008 – The brisk, fall weather in the Sierra Nevada mountain range heralds the annual opening of a Yosemite icon each November. The Curry Village ice rink in Yosemite National Park is one of the last remaining outdoor ice skating venues still operating in California. After much anticipation, it opened Thursday, November 27, on Thanksgiving Day, for the holidays and the 2008 -2009 winter season.

EPA Abruptly Backs Away From Proposals to Alter Air-Pollution Rules
The Environmental Protection Agency yesterday abandoned its push to revise two air-pollution rules in ways that environmentalists had long opposed, abruptly dropping measures that the Bush administration had spent years preparing.

Re: November 2008 National Park News [Re: James Morrissey] #18970
12/13/08 08:22 PM
12/13/08 08:22 PM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

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Update 12/13/08

Grand Teton NP:
Murie Ranch gets $30K in grants
The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole has awarded two grants totalling $30,000 for a trail from the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center to the Murie Ranch and for improvements to some of the ranch buildings.

Yellowstone NP:
Commission supports bison plan
HELENA, Mont. (AP) - An arrangement allowing some Yellowstone National Park bison to cross a ranch just north of the park has been approved by Montana's Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission.

Re: November 2008 National Park News [Re: James Morrissey] #18971
12/15/08 11:42 AM
12/15/08 11:42 AM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

Joined: Feb 2005
Manhattan, New York, New York
Update 12/15/08

Everglades NP:
Good news for Everglades: Interior gives Army $1 million for restoration
People who care about Everglades National Park, a major South Florida tourist attraction, received some good news on Friday, December 12, as one federal agency gave another $1 million to help restore the Everglades.

Outside the NPS System:
Gorillas caught in Congo's gorilla war
Past some of the greenest hills, poorest villages and roughest roads in Africa, a machete-wielding ranger hacks his way deep into the jungle until a canopy of giant ferns and bamboo eclipses the sun.

WA climber tells of brother's death fall
An Australian climber who watched his brother fall to his death on New Zealand's highest mountain thought he would also perish on the treacherous peak.

New Garden Route National Park gets stamp of approval
Garden Route - The proposal for proclaiming the Garden Route National Park (GRNP) was finally gazetted on the 21st of November and the proclamation of the Park is now only months away.

Fight for National Park of the East must be waged, Catholic Church says
SANTO DOMINGO.- The president of the Catholic Church’s Pastoral for Ecology and Environment said the case of the National Park of the East, the State must "wage the fight with all the authority because we cannot be at the mercy of the marketing of all these influence traffickers and money"

Yellowstone NP:
Yellowstone legal battle poised for next round
Group seeks dismissal of 720- snowmobile rule

Zion NP:
Author of new Zion book available to meet
SPRINGDALE - A new book on Zion National Park featuring over 200 historical photographs has been selling well at a Springdale bookstore and anyone interested in meeting the author will have the chance tonight.

Re: November 2008 National Park News - Updates [Re: James Morrissey] #18972
12/17/08 01:30 PM
12/17/08 01:30 PM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

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Dec 17th Update:

Great Smoky Mountain NP:

Declining park visits hurt WNC
Visitors spent more money in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and surrounding communities than in any other national park unit in the United States last year, according to a report released this month by the National Park Service.

Misc. Parks (Dept) News:

Park service marks 105th anniversary of NC flight
The National Park Service is hosting a celebration of the 105th anniversary of the Wright brothers' historic flight on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Yosemite National Park:
Tioga and Glacier Point roads close for winter in Yosemite National Park
The two main roads across the high country of Yosemite National Park closed for the winter season on Tuesday.

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