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#19566 - 01/12/09 12:32 AM Re: National Park News: 011109 [Re: James Morrissey]
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...saw something additional today that will probably make tomorrows news, but I figured I would add it now.


Senate boosts "wilderness protection" across US
WASHINGTON – In a rare Sunday session, the Senate advanced legislation that would set aside more than 2 million acres in nine states as wilderness. Majority Democrats assembled more than enough votes to overcome GOP stalling tactics in an early showdown for the new Congress.
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#19567 - 01/12/09 08:18 PM Re: National Park News: 011109 [Re: James Morrissey]
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Carpal Tunnel

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The cool thing about doing this news segment daily is that I am finding new places that I never knew existed...and all within our National Parks System here in the USA. Please note that today we have also decided to start adding a segment called "Outside of the US/Canada Parks System" for news that falls in parks outside of...well, you get it..the USA and Canada. :P

Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP
Decree gives park water right
The last day of 2008 also brought the end of Colorado’s longest-running water-rights contest.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area:
The National Park Service has positively identified the bodies recovered Saturday from Lake Mohave as 70-year-old James Mercer and 74-year-old Francis Blossom, both of Pahrump, Nev., according to Andrew Munoz, public affairs officer for the National Parks Service's Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Misc. Parks News:

Federal wilderness protection for California land moves forward
The Senate clears the way for passage of legislation that would expand wilderness protection to more than 2 million acres of public land nationwide, mostly in California and the West.
Large swaths of California wild lands would gain federal wilderness protection under legislation that took a step toward approval in the U.S. Senate during a rare Sunday session.

Outside of the US/Canada Parks System:
Congo NP:
Militia kills ranger in Congo national park
A militia killed a ranger in a Democratic Republic of Congo park where authorities are trying to protect endangered gorillas threatened by civil war, the park said.

Pudacuo National Park
China's Shangri-La is gateway to region's tourism, prosperity
Leaders are pushing ecotourism at the area's Pudacuo National Park and plan four more parks.
Yang Xuemei grew up tending yak with her family in this outpost on the edge of the Tibetan plateau. These days, she herds tourists through the alpine pastures and other scenic climes of Pudacuo National Park -- 1,243 square miles of soaring mountains and glacial lakes inhabited by red pandas and nearly 100 other endangered species.

Rocky Mountain NP:
Longs Peak snowshoer had heart disease
ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATONAL PARK — A 55-year-old Lakewood man who died while snowshoeing with his family in Rocky Mountain National Park had heart disease.
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#19568 - 01/13/09 10:21 PM National Park News: 011309 [Re: James Morrissey]
James Morrissey Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Loc: Manhattan, New York, New York
Interesting news day today...particularly around Yellowstone NP and the seemingly age-old discussion about Bison and Wolves in the Park.


Klondike Gold rush National Park:
On a quiet corner in Seattle's Pioneer Square, in the former Cadillac Hotel, sits the Klondike Gold Rush national park. Inside the park, are photographs and exhibits to help visitors learn about the Klondike gold rush of 1987 and the role Seattle played in outfitting the stampeders.

Misc Parks News (and other National Monument/Historic news):
Longfellow Historic Site honors park ranger
The Longfellow National Historic Site will celebrate poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and honor longtime park ranger, Paul Blandford, Saturday, Feb. 28, at 10 a.m. in Story Chapel at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Outside of the North American Park System:
Lions return to Mburo national park
HREE lions have been sighted in Lake Mburo National Park, a decade after they were declared extinct in the protected area that lies nearest to Kampala.

Slain Congolese ranger called 'exceptional'
Colleagues and bloggers are praising a park ranger shot dead last week in Congo's Virunga National Park as a brave and committed protector of gorillas.

Yellowstone NP:
Wolf Numbers Decline in Yellowstone in ‘08
The number of wolves in Yellowstone National Park declined by 27 percent last year, but wildlife officials said Monday that the drop isn't unusual.

Wolf Numbers Down in Yellowstone National Park (a similar article)
The number of wolves in Yellowstone National Park dropped last year for the first time in three years.

Study: Disease risk posed by roaming bison is low
A new study says more bison could be allowed to migrate outside Yellowstone National Park without significantly increasing the risk of spreading a disease carried by the animals to livestock.

Study Suggests Ways to Avoid Slaughter of Yellowstone Bison
last winter, government agencies killed one third of Yellowstone National Park's bison herd due to concerns about the possible spread of a livestock disease to cattle that graze in areas around the park. Such drastic measures may be unnecessary, however, according to researchers who have assessed the risk of disease transmission from Yellowstone bison to cattle.

Zion NP:
Zion National Park raises use limits in Spry Canyon
Zion National Park Superintendent Jock Whitworth announced today that the number of visitors permitted to travel through the Spry Canyon canyoneering
route will be increased by more than 50 percent per day for the 2009 season. On Jan. 1, the use limit for Spry Canyon increased from 12 people per day to 20 people per day.
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#19569 - 01/14/09 07:38 PM National Park News:Jan14,09 [Re: James Morrissey]
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Carpal Tunnel

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Grand Canyon NP:
Earthen dam bursts in Grand Canyon, hundreds are evacuated

Kenai Fjords NP/St. Elias NP and Preserve:
Alaska -- home to more national park land than the rest of the country combined -- is slated to get $300,000 of the $27 million the National Park Service plans to spend next year on "Centennial Challenge" construction projects in preparation for the celebration of the agency's 100th anniversary in 2016. According to a press release from the agency, $200,000 is earmarked for a new Exit Glacier visitor facility at Kenai Fjords National Park near Seward, and $100,000 is going to build exhibits and a bus shelter near the historic Kennecott Mine in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve.

Outside the US/Canadian Parks System:
Firefighters warn Sydney bushfire threat remains
Residents on Sydney's north shore, where a bushfire came within metres of homes yesterday, are being urged to prepare their houses ahead of scorching temperatures predicted for tomorrow.

National park closure scare at deepwater
FEARS Deepwater National Park will close to the public are unfounded according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Rocky Mountain NP:
Wild Basin Wilderness
Rocky Mountain National Park’s journey toward wilderness designation has taken another step toward realization following a rare Sunday vote in the U.S. Senate. By a 66-12 margin, the Senate voted to remove hurdles that had been holding back wilderness designation on more than 2 million acres in nine states, including Rocky Mountain National Park.

Yellowstone NP:
Yellowstone: Ready to Blow?
The park’s recent earthquakes raise concerns that its volcano could erupt. But don’t fret, says CSU researcher.
Like camping in Yellowstone?
More to the point, do you like living on the west half of our continent?

Yellowstone tangled up by new rule on guns
Park is in 3 states, each with different laws, so enforcement is tricky.
Yellowstone National Park officials say disentangling disparate concealed-weapons laws of three states has left unanswered questions about implementing a Bush administration rule that began allowing guns in the park last week.

Yosemite NP:
Yosemite ski resort needs repairs, public input
National Park Service officials are asking the public for suggestions that could be incorporated into renovation of the state's first lodge-based ski resort at Badger Pass.
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#19570 - 01/15/09 01:39 PM National Park News:Jan15,09 [Re: James Morrissey]
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Carpal Tunnel

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Loc: Manhattan, New York, New York

Glacier NP:
Glacier National Park sees dip in visitors
A late opening of Going-to-the-Sun Road and record-high gas prices were among the reasons Glacier National Park saw fewer visitors in 2008.

Houndsman cited after dogs enter Glacier park
WEST GLACIER, Mont. (AP) - A man who used hounds for hunting received a federal citation for allowing his dogs to enter Glacier National Park.

Misc. Parks News:
U.S. Senate moves to increase wilderness lands
The U.S. Senate voted to pursue a sweeping bill to expand wilderness areas in the nation on Sunday, Jan. 11.

Outside of the US/Canadian Parks System:
More than 600 elephants found in Malaysian park
BANGKOK, Thailand: Researchers said Thursday they have found a surprisingly large elephant population in Malaysia's biggest national park after new survey techniques revealed a community of more than 600 animals.

Yellowstone NP:
Wolf numbers in Yellowstone Park decline
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. -- As the Interior Department announces it will again take wolves from the endangered species list in Montana and Idaho, Yellowstone officials report the number of wolves declined last year in the park by 27 percent.

Yellowstone bison cull may be unwarranted
Brucellosis risk overblown, says Santa Cruz researcher
SANTA CRUZ - Last winter's slaughter of more than 1,600 bison near Yellowstone National Park may have been unnecessary.

Zion NP:
Record attendance at Zion National Park helps businesses
Even with a down economy, businesses in one Utah town are doing quite well. That's because their economy has been better than ever thanks to Zion National Park.
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#19571 - 01/16/09 10:20 PM National Park News:Jan16,09 [Re: James Morrissey]
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Carpal Tunnel

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Loc: Manhattan, New York, New York
Banff NP:
Hiker swept to death by avalanche in Canada's west

Glacier NP:
In Glacier, super predicts staff cuts
When Chas Cartwright looks at Glacier National Park’s future his prediction includes operating with less federal funding and his hope to achieve a formal wilderness designation for the Park.

Misc. Parks News:
A bill that would turn Paterson's Great Falls into a National Historic Park is a House vote away from becoming law after being approved Thursday by the Senate.

Senate passes bill to add Barrett's Farm to Minuteman Park
Washington, D.C. - Senators Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry and Rep. Niki Tsongas announced on Thursday the passage of legislation by the United States Senate to protect a one-of-a kind national historic treasure, Col. James Barrett’s Farm in Concord, by adding it to Minute Man National Park. The farm had a central role in the first battle of the Revolutionary War in 1775. The House is expected to pass the measure in the coming days at which point it will be ready to be signed into law by the president.

National Mall concert will offer test run for inauguration
WASHINGTON — Security officials are bracing for a preview of the inauguration Sunday when 500,000 people are expected to fill part of the National Mall for a free concert featuring Bono, Beyoncé and Bruce Springsteen.

Senate approves 2 million acres for wilderness
The Senate approved a major expansion of wilderness areas nationwide Thursday, protecting more than 2 million acres of public land from drilling, logging and mining, including 735,000 acres across California.

U.S. Senate passes bill that establishes South Park National Heritage Area
The United States Senate passed a bill Thursday that would establish the South Park National Heritage Area in Park County, and the bill, or some form of it, is expected to pass the U.S. House of Representatives and be signed by the president.

Outside the US/Canadian Parks System:
2 bushfires under control: RFS
The Rural Fire Service says it has contained two fires that threatened property near Sydney yesterday.

Rocky Mountain NP:
Wilderness bill protects parts of Rocky Mtn. Park
The Senate votes to save 2 million acres of public lands in nine states.
The U.S. Senate, in a bipartisan 73-21 vote, moved Thursday to preserve 2 million acres in nine states as wilderness areas — including 315,000 acres in Colorado.

Yellowstone NP:
Elk removed near Yellowstone over disease worries
BILLINGS, Mont. - Montana wildlife officials have killed a pair of elk north of Yellowstone National Park near Gardiner, Mont., after they tested positive for exposure to the disease brucellosis.
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#19572 - 01/17/09 04:47 PM National Park News:Jan17,09 [Re: James Morrissey]
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Carpal Tunnel

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Loc: Manhattan, New York, New York
I am excited to see all of these new parks, and money being dedicated to preservation of our land. As a result, there has also been a lot of news. Some of this has been reported on prior, but some of it is unique. I am particularly excited about the new NJ National Park. Can't wait to get out there and take some photos.

On another note, there is some exciting stuff also going on outside of our NP system. The rhino ring getting busted is particularly good news.

Last, not sure how folks feel about the inclusion of NP News, like what is going on at the National Mall, which is part of the parks system, but NOT really a nature photography opportunity....


Great Falls NP (Welcome to the fold!!)
NJ Waterfall Now a National Park
The Senate has approved legislation to designate the Great Falls in Paterson, New Jersey a National Historic Park.

Joshua Tree NP:
Loaded guns now OK in park
JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK — Loaded, concealed firearms are now allowed inside national parks, according to a federal rule change approved Jan. 9.

Misc. National Park News:
Deal reached on Flight 93 crash site in Pa.
PITTSBURGH (AP) — The owner of the land in western Pennsylvania where Flight 93 crashed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks reached an agreement Friday to sell the parcel, clearing the way for the development of a memorial.

Outside the US/Canadian Parks System:
South Africans bust rhinoceros poaching ring
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - South African police and game park rangers say they have arrested 11 suspects in an international rhinoceros poaching ring.

A Walk Through New Zealand’s Watery Wild
IN 1908, The Spectator magazine called the 33.5-mile Milford Track through Fiordland National Park in New Zealand “the finest walk in the world,” an honorific still credible to knowledgeable hikers — one fan was Sir Edmund Hillary — a full century later.

Dung used to find large new herd of endangered elephants
Just over six months since it was announced that a large band of lowland gorillas had been found in the wild, similar welcoming news has been reported for another endangered species. A recent survey has turned up over 600 Asian elephants in Malaysia.

Inauguration security center to go live Saturday
WASHINGTON (AP) — Five 8-foot-square monitors and four flat-panel televisions hang on beige walls in the windowless room. A few flicker with images from news programs and street maps of downtown Washington.

Rocky Mountain NP:
RMNP included in wilderness protection
The Senate on Thursday voted to set aside more than 2 million acres in nine states as protected wilderness, including almost 250,000 acres in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Yellowstone NP:
Yellowstone bison could go to Wyoming Reservation
State and federal officials have recommended relocating a small herd of bison from Yellowstone National Park to a Wyoming Indian reservation - part of a bid to restore a species that once numbered in the tens of millions.
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#19573 - 01/18/09 11:48 PM Re: National Park News:Jan17,09 [Re: James Morrissey]
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Acadia National Park:
Guns barred in buildings
ACADIA NAT’L PARK — Although recent changes in federal regulations allow visitors to take loaded, permitted concealed weapons into national parks and wildlife refuges, visitors cannot take guns into any building, except standalone rest rooms.

BAR HARBOR — The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory for all of Eastern Maine after temperatures plummeted to their lowest readings in years overnight. In Bar Harbor temperatures as low as minus 21 were reported around daybreak on Friday.

Snow falls across Maine as temperatures rise slightly
HOULTON, Maine — A blast of snow is moving across northern New England on Sunday as the temperature rises, offering relief from bitter cold.

Arches/Canyonland NP:
11th-Hour Ruling Blocks Utah Oil and Gas Leases
A federal judge on Saturday blocked oil and natural gas exploration on tens of thousands of acres of federal land in Utah, saying in an 11th-hour decision that the Interior Department had not done sufficient environmental analysis, particularly of how air quality might be degraded.

Death Valley NP:
Death Valley road project lines up for stimulus funding
A $11.2 billion road rehabilitation project in Death Valley National Park is among the projects getting in line for a piece of the proposed federal stimulus package.

Grand Canyon NP:
Canyon in need of restoration stimulus
Facilities, trails and campgrounds are starting to fall apart, with the backlog reaching $262 million.
If he had about $65 million annually over the next four years, the superintendent of the Grand Canyon would create more than 1,000 new jobs improving roads, trails, water lines, campgrounds and buildings there.

Grand Teton NP:
Quake update: Geologists of Jackson Hole: 'Just be prudent'
Geologists of Jackson Hole issue press release on Alpine quake.

Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore:
How many species at Ind. Dunes? May event to tell
PORTER, Ind. - Thousands of scientists, students and volunteers will gather at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in May to record every species living there during a 24-hour period.

Misc. Parks News:
How much is the Flight 93 crash site worth?
The owner of the land where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed on Sept. 11, 2001, has said he thinks the Somerset County property is worth $50 million, but he'd be willing to take $10 million.

Land Deal Is Reached for a 9/11 Memorial
The National Park Service and an organization representing victims’ families have reached a deal to buy the most critical piece of land needed for the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pa.

Outside of the US/Canada Parks System:
Bushfire rages in Burleigh national park
It is burning on a steep slope in an inaccessible area and firefighters are concerned about homes bordering the park.

Encroachers close in on National Park
Mumbai Authorities at Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) are facing fresh encroachment attempts, this time from its original inhabitants — the tribal population in and around the park.

Rocky Mountain NP:
Girl rescued from Rocky Mountain National Park
A 17-year-old Estes Park girl was rescued from Rocky Mountain National Park on Friday after becoming stranded while hiking.

Yellowstone NP:
Deja vu All Over Again
White House Still Wants to Delist Gray Wolf
n what many environmentalists hope is its last affront to their sensibilities, the Bush administration is once again trying to remove endangered species protection for the rebounding gray wolf population of the Northern Rockies. Just this past September, environmentalists won a challenge in federal court overturning a previous Bush order to remove federal protection for the wolves, which were reintroduced to the greater Yellowstone area a dozen years ago and, although thriving, are still considered vulnerable by biologists.
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#19574 - 01/19/09 04:18 PM National Park News:Jan18,09 [Re: James Morrissey]
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Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Bryce NP proposes pullouts for wildlife watching
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Bryce Canyon National Park wants to add roadside pullouts at one its most popular spots for watching pronghorn, wild turkeys and other wildlife.

Cumberland Gap NHP:
New policy allows guns in park
A new federal policy allows concealed weapons permit owners to carry guns into Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.

Haleakala NP:
Partnership raises $1.2M to benefit Haleakala park
U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawai'i, announced that a partnership between the National Park Service and the Maui Invasive Species Committee has raised $1.2 million to protect and restore Haleakala National Park.

Misc. Parks News:
Biracial ranger, 87, heads to the inauguration
Betty Soskin remembers having to drink as a child at water fountains marked "colored" in New Orleans. She remembers laughing with her great-grandmother, a former slave. And she remembers her first bite of economic freedom in 1942 as one of the "Rosie the Riveters" working in the World War II shipyards of Richmond.

Mount Rainier NP (I know...this could easily just be 'misc. parks news):
Under the Needle: Rainier ranger makes his way to Washington, D.C.
He still walks to work, so there's that. And he continues to deal with big egos, with driven colleagues and another type of inveterate climber.

Outside the US/Canadian Parks System:
Assam's Kaziranga National Park a contender in Seven Wonders of Nature list
Kaziranga (Assam,India), Jan.18: The grazing heaven for the one horned Rhino, Kaziranga National Park in Assam, is on its way to become one among the new Seven Wonders of Nature.

Firefighters get on top of Morton National Park blaze
AFTER nearly a fortnight of battling the Morton National Park blaze, firefighters are winning the battle.

Huge Population Of Endangered Asian Elephants Living In Malaysian Park
Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia - New data released by the Wildlife Conservation Society and Malaysia’s Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) reveals that a population of endangered Asian elephants living in a Malaysian park may be the largest in Southeast Asia.

Palm oil frenzy threatens to wipe out orangutans
TANJUNG PUTING NATIONAL PARK, Indonesia (AP) — Hoping to unravel the mysteries of human origin, anthropologist Louis Leakey sent three young women to Africa and Asia to study our closest relatives: It was chimpanzees for Jane Goodall, mountain gorillas for Dian Fossey and the elusive, solitary orangutans for Birute Mary Galdikas.

Rocky Mountain NP:
Craig briefs: Rocky Mountain National Park Service saves 17-year-old
About 5:30 p.m., Friday, Rocky Mountain National Park Service dispatch was notified about a stranded climber in the Lumpy Ridge area of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness Act returns to Senate
The ball is rolling once again on the Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness Act.
It’s one of Sen. Mark Udall’s (D-CO) first pieces of legislation in the Senate and Sen. Ken Salazar’s last before heading to the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Volcanoes NP:
Glider is found at 9,000-foot level of Mauna Loa
Big Island authorities located wreckage from a missing glider this morning on an area 9,800 feet up on Mauna Loa.
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#19575 - 01/20/09 03:16 AM National Park News:Jan18,09 [Re: James Morrissey]
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Carpal Tunnel

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Hey Guys,

...just a few more items on today's National Park News.


Acadia NP:
Officials push for scenic byway extension
MILLINOCKET, Maine — The Grindstone Scenic Byway will extend from Medway’s Grindstone Road on Route 157 and Lake Road to the Baxter State Park entrance if regional and state officials have their way.

Denali NP:
Alaska: Plan ahead for 50th anniversary events and deals
On Jan. 3, 1959, Alaska became the 50th state of the USA, so the arrival of 2009, 50 years later, has been a reason to celebrate. Among its anniversary commemorations thus far, beginning last year, have been a new postage stamp, a float in the Rose Parade in Pasadena earlier this month and the launching of a special website, with current news and events related to statehood celebrations.

Yellowstone NP:
(Note, essentially the same article as published on 01/13/08, but the authors are indeed different).
Wolf numbers decline in Yellowstone in 2008
Yellowstone’s wolf population declined by 27 percent last year, likely the result of wolf-on-wolf conflicts and disease, according to park officials
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