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National Park News 03/26/09 [Re: James Morrissey] #20905
03/26/09 05:26 PM
03/26/09 05:26 PM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

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Manhattan, New York, New York
Tons of news today about the Omnibus bill among other things. Definitely worth the read.


Glacier National Park News:
Plowing starts up in Glacier Park
WEST GLACIER — Glacier National Park road crews are beginning spring snowplowing in earnest this week. Plowing of the Going-to-the-Sun Road beyond Lake McDonald Lodge is scheduled to begin April 1 and proceed to Avalanche Creek to accommodate access by contractors to rehabilitate and pave the picnic area and campground entrance.

Going-to-the-Sun getting yearly spring makeover
Now that Spring is here, rehabilitation work on Going-to-the-Sun Road is moving forward.

Grand Canyon National Park News: Lawsuit Aims to Protect Endangered Grand Canyon Condors
From Lead Poisoning Due to Poor Federal Management
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz.— The Center for Biological Diversity filed suit today against the Bureau of Land Management and the Fish and Wildlife Service for their failure to protect endangered California condors in the Grand Canyon from toxic lead ammunition and their failure to protect other endangered species, including the desert tortoise, in crafting management plans for huge tracts of public land adjacent to the Grand Canyon.

Road to Grand Canyon's North Rim to reopen May 15
GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK - The main roadway leading to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is set to reopen for the summer season on May 15.

Life at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park
Life in Grand Canyon National Park is unique from life in any other place. For me, living here is most comparable to living on many military bases I have lived. The village is isolated from many comforts of modern living. Residents experience large turnovers as the tourist seasons come and go. Also, for those that have lived here for long periods or come back to work and live regularly, there is a sense of belonging in the Canyon, the feeling of ownership and importance in their role in the Park, and an appreciation of life in Grand Canyon.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park News:
Clingmans Dome Road to open again next week
If all goes as planned, Clingmans Dome Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park will re-open next Wednesday, April 1st.

Misc. National Park News:
Land protection passed
Dems applaud, but GOP says it’s unaffordable and a job-killer
Congress gave final approval yesterday to massive federal legislation that would protect land and water across the nation, including 250,000 acres of wilderness at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Bill saves 2 million U.S. acres as wild
At 315,000 acres, Colorado is among nine states in the House-approved measure.
The U.S. House of Representatives — on its second try — passed a bill to preserve 2 million acres as wilderness in nine states, including 315,000 acres in Colorado.

Rocky Mountain National Park wilderness bill clears House
A piece of legislation more than 10 years in the making could ensure one of Colorado’s most visited places will be protected for generations to come.

Congress votes to expand wilderness in 9 states
WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress has voted to set aside more than 2 million acres in nine states as protected wilderness — from California's Sierra Nevada mountains to the Jefferson National Forest in Virginia.

77-foot waterfall in NJ's industrial mecca likely to earn national park designation from Obama
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A new national park may emerge from a small patch of lush oasis just 15 miles from Manhattan in northeastern New Jersey's industrial mecca.

Rocky Mountain National Park News:
Rocky Mountain Park sets new west entrance station
Rocky Mountain National Park plans to replace the 49-year-old entrance station on the west side of the park.

Good news for public lands: RMNP one of the main beneficiaries (Note, I debated lumping this in with the Misc. News, but decided to place it here ultimately).
The U.S. House of Representatives joined the Senate on Wednesday by taking an important step in favor of public wilderness lands -- passing a bill that will protect 2 million acres of wilderness, 5,000 hiking trails and a thousand miles of rivers for generations to come.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Lecture covers Yellowstone area elk habitat, access and brucellosis
A special evening lecture on greater Yellowstone area elk movements in relation to brucellosis risk and hunter access will be April 1 at 6:30 p.m. at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) Visitor Center in Missoula.

Yellowstone trails reopened
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. (AP) - Yellowstone National Park has reopened two trails popular with skiers and snowshoers.

FIU researchers, others discover arsenic-eating alga
The discovery that a one-celled alga can detoxify deadly arsenic has been made by a team led by researchers now at Florida International University's brand new College of Medicine.

Dog sledding is exhilarating and nostalgic way to travel
Dog sledding is an exercise in changed states, of chaos turning to order. One moment dogs were barking, yapping, whining, snarling, scrapping, jumping, biting and all the other things dogs do. The next moment they were straining at the gang line, and with a burst of acceleration, all turned silent but for the hiss of the runners on the snow and the sound of my own exhilarated breathing.

Yosemite National Park News:
California poppies provide a pop of color
Wildflowers announce that spring has sprung in the Valley.
California poppies are appearing in brilliant carpets of orange from the Merced River to the ridgeline along the Merced River Canyon, several miles west of Yosemite National Park.

Wildflowers bloom in abundance after Yosemite fire
EL PORTAL, Calif.—Ash from a wildfire that scorched 34,000 acres outside Yosemite National Park is now providing the perfect nutrients for hundreds of acres of tufted poppies and other California native wildflowers to bloom this spring.

National Park News 03/27/09 [Re: James Morrissey] #20906
03/27/09 04:59 PM
03/27/09 04:59 PM
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Manhattan, New York, New York
James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

Joined: Feb 2005
Manhattan, New York, New York
Acadia National Park News:
5 DOT Projects Mean Traffic Jams
ELLSWORTH — Those planning to drive anywhere in Ellsworth or Trenton this summer should pack a lunch and a board game.

Glacier National Park News:
Baucus Presses Transportation Secretary to Fund Going-to-the-Sun Road
In what could be classified as some friendly arm twisting, Montana Sen. Max Baucus hand delivered a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood Wednesday, asking that he use stimulus money to fund reconstruction of Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park. Lahood's department received $1.5 billion in the Jobs Bill to fund infrastructure projects of "regional or national significance."

Glacier road work likely to begin soon
WEST GLACIER — Glacier National Park officials say spring construction on the Avalanche Creek section of Going-to-the-Sun Road will occur between mid-April and early June.

Grand Canyon National Park News:
Preventing Falls at Grand Canyon National Park
There is a hard balance that places like Grand Canyon try to find between the experience and the safety of the public. The history of the Park includes unfortunate events. The Park does take measures to prevent these sad occurrences from happening and is very much prepared to take emergency actions should it be necessary. Sadly, the Canyon is not immune from tragedy, but an understanding of what awaits visitors is important for a Grand Canyon outing not to be a distressing headline.

Grand Teton National Park News:
Innovative Retirement Planning for Cows and Sheep
A new conservation model that minimizes litigation, sustains agriculture, and concentrates livestock grazing on public or private land where it has less impact.
Nowadays, many of us are re-thinking our retirement plan after giving away half our nest egg to people on Wall Street who don’t need it, but we should remember that the concept of retirement isn’t all about us. Those poor dumb animals need it, too, and at least one man is there for them, doing what he can to retire thousands of cows and sheep to greener pastures.

Misc. National Park News:
Funding approved for new ice age trail system in state
WASHINGTON – A major public lands bill approved Wednesday by the House of Representatives includes funding for a geologic trail that tracks the cataclysmic ice age floods that roared across Eastern Washington with 10 times the combined flow of the world’s rivers.

Mount St. Helens: a monument in need of a good steward
When Mount St. Helens spectacularly erupted in 1980, it created a mammoth volcanic crater that today is the centerpiece of a national monument that draws thousands of visitors from around the world.

National Park Lead Ammo Ban in Doubt
NRA Goes Ballistic on Gun-Shy Obama Administration
WASHINGTON - March 26 - The National Park Service has stepped back from a plan it announced earlier this month to ban lead-based ammunition and fishing tackle by 2010, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The proposed lead ban triggered a fierce counterattack by gun groups that has put into doubt the pledge to eliminate lead ammunition from the park system by 2010.

Rocky Mountain National Park News:
Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness Act passes House — headed to President
An omnibus lands bill carrying Rocky Mountain National Park wilderness legislation passed the U.S. House on Thursday, and is headed to the President.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Old Faithful
Old Faithful is without a doubt the biggest draw in Yellowstone National Park. Those who disagree need only consider the size of the parking lot in comparison to those in other areas of the park.

YELLOWSTONE BISON Yellowstone surveys bison numbers YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. (AP) The most recent survey of bison in Yellowstone National Park estimates they number about 2,900.

Yellowstone Trails Open
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - Yellowstone trails that were blocked off due to a dangerous radio tower earlier this month are now back open.

INL looks for ways to reduce dependency on foreign oil
DAHO - The Idaho National Laboratory is working on ways to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and by using the natural resources Idaho has to offer.
Eyewitness news Reporter Jennifer McGraw talks with a scientist from the lab who has been using molecular biology to help make the nation a greener place.

National Park News Sat. 03/28/09 [Re: James Morrissey] #20907
03/28/09 08:21 PM
03/28/09 08:21 PM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

Joined: Feb 2005
Manhattan, New York, New York
Glacier National Park News:
'Extreme Ice': Seeing is believing on glacial melting
Film shows at Aspen Environmental Forum
ASPEN — Probably no bit of information presented at the Aspen Environment Forum was as sobering as the screening of the film “Extreme Ice” at the Wheeler Opera House Thursday night.

Grand Canyon National Park News:
Celebrate National Junior Ranger Day at the Grand Canyon
Spring is here, the canyon is beautiful, the crowds are small, and National Park Week is almost here. If you are looking for a fun educational activity for your kids, Junior Ranger Day at the Grand Canyon might be just the ticket!

Joshua Tree National Park News:
Lost Horse Mine in Joshua Tree National Park
At the terminus of this two mile trail, you can have a look at the Lost Horse Mine ten-stamp mill and foundation. While this is one of the best preserved mills under National Park protection, your only view will come from outside a chain link fence.

Misc. National Parks News:
Bill extends Trail of Tears into Georgia, could boost tourism here
A bill currently waiting for President Barack Obama’s signature could help boost tourism at the Chief Vann House state historic site in Spring Place, says park ranger Julia Autry.

DETAILS: Hiking the Appalachian Trail
GETTING THERE: Rail, bus and air service will get you near the Appalachian Trail at many points along its more than 2,175 miles but not quite to it. Check the Shuttle List on the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Web site (see below) for rides to Baxter State Park in Maine and Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia, at either end of the trail.

Barack Obama to Designate Waterfall as New National Park
Next week Barack Obama is expected to sign legislation that will create a national park from 35 acres of historical sites that surround a 77 foot high waterfall in New Jersey. It will be the first national park Obama will designate during his presidency.

Rocky Mountain National Park News:
Rocky Mountain National Park plans to install ‘Fast Pass’ lane at entrance
The west portal of Rocky Mountain National Park is poised to receive a facelift, one that could benefit local pass holders.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Quarantined park bison headed out of state
HELENA - State wildlife officials here have approved a plan to ship 41 Yellowstone bison considered brucellosis-free to an Indian reservation in Wyoming.

Skiing in the Spring
"They had a strategy, they changed costumes three times, but biggest of all, they skied 62 miles!"

Yellowstone reports few bison deaths this winter
After a year when hunting, management actions and a harsh winter wiped out nearly 50 percent of Yellowstone’s bison herd, officials say the park’s iconic species has fared well so far this winter.

See Yellowstone before the summer crowds arrive
It's barely spring, and there's still snow blanketing the high country, but they're already advertising the switch from snowmobiles to bicycles in Yellowstone National Park.

Yosemite National Park News:
Earthquake safety work won't close Ahwahnee Hotel
The Ahwahnee Hotel - where U.S. presidents and royalty have enjoyed the breathtaking granite sights - needs a $60 million fix for earthquake safety.

Zion National Park News:
Zion National Park shuttles to resume in April
The Zion National Park shuttle system is scheduled to resume operation on April 4, signaling the start of the 2009 visitor season.

Re: National Park News Sat. 03/28/09 [Re: James Morrissey] #20908
03/28/09 09:25 PM
03/28/09 09:25 PM
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DavidRamey Offline
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One thing that is missing from your National Park reports is Mt. Redoubt erupting. It is in Lake Clark National Park.

David Ramey Photography
Re: National Park News Sat. 03/28/09 [Re: DavidRamey] #20909
03/28/09 10:36 PM
03/28/09 10:36 PM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

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Hey David,

Thanks. You are absolutely correct. I had posted this in the general forum in the thread about Mt. Redoubt's eruption.

Alaska's Mount Redoubt spews ash 50,000 feet high
ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Alaska's Mount Redoubt has erupted again, spewing an ash cloud 50,000 feet up into the air.

Having said that, here are a few more. :P

Mount Redoubt sends cargo planes to Sea-Tac
If you're sitting in a plane at Sea-Tac Airport and look out the window, you might see a cargo freighter refueling at the gate next to you.

Eruptions at Alaska's Mt. Redoubt Threaten Oil Storage Tanks
ANCHORAGE, Alaska, March 26, 2009 (ENS) - A large eruption of the Mt. Redoubt volcano occurred at 9:24 this morning local time, shooting a plume of ash and gas 65,000 feet into the air, according to National Weather Service reports and the observations of aircraft pilots.

National Park News Sun. 03/29/09 [Re: James Morrissey] #20910
03/29/09 11:13 AM
03/29/09 11:13 AM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

Joined: Feb 2005
Manhattan, New York, New York
Cuyahoga Valley National Park News:
BOSTON TWP.: For decades, the township trustees met in their historic town hall in Peninsula, not far from the equally historic Ohio & Erie Canal.
Now, they meet in the old attached road garage.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park News:
Great Smoky Mountains National Park celebrates its 75th anniversary
GATLINBURG, Tenn. – The 75th anniversary celebration of Great Smoky Mountains National Park is under way. With more than 8 million annual visitors, it is the country's most popular national park.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park News:
Plant nuisance returns to mountain
KENNESAW, Ga. -- It's the modernday battle for Kennesaw Mountain and officials are asking for the public's help in defending the land from a ruthless invader.

Lake Clark National Park News:
Alaska's Mount Redoubt erupts again
Mount Redoubt volcano in southern Alaska has erupted again, shooting ash as high as 45,000 feet in the air on Saturday, experts said.

Explosions continue at Redoubt
Volcano erupts three times Saturday, sends ash to 50,000 feet
ANCHORAGE - Mount Redoubt continued to erupt Saturday, sending ash tens of thousands of feet into the air, and raining ash down on Nikiski.

Misc. National Parks News:
Sizzling sites outside Las Vegas
MOJAVE DESERT, Nev. -- Many people who vacation in Vegas find their fun under a roof, be it gambling in the casino, watching one of the town's headliner shows or shopping in one of Sin City's fabulous malls.

U.S. Revisits Its World Heritage Roots
After years of ambivalence, the United States is trying to reconnect with its past as the leader of a global effort to save the treasures of the planet, from the Statue of Liberty and Yosemite National Park to the pyramids of Egypt and the East African Serengeti.

State's national parks seek to reduce carbon footprint of workers, visitors
Thousands of cars, pickup trucks and minivans carry visitors to Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic national parks. They leave behind tons of plastic water bottles, granola bar wrappers and banana peels.

Cherry blossom time
The National Park Service has moved up its prediction of the peak blooming period of Washington D. C.'s cherry blossoms. The blossoms are expected...

Obama to sign bill adding Wright sites to national park
DAYTON — President Barack Obama will sign the bill Monday, March 30, that will add Hawthorn Hill and the Wright factory buildings to the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Web sites ready travelers for Yellowstone
It's barely spring, and snow still blankets the high country, but they're already advertising the switch from snowmobiles to bicycles in Yellowstone National Park.

Spared from slaughter, bison will move to Wyoming
BILLINGS, Mont. » A small herd of bison from Yellowstone National Park will be moved to Wyoming's Wind River Reservation next month, part of a fledgeling effort to spare some of the animals from a government-sponsored slaughter program.

National Park News Mon 03/30/09 [Re: James Morrissey] #20911
03/30/09 02:59 PM
03/30/09 02:59 PM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

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Manhattan, New York, New York
Acadia National Park News:
Acadia closes trails to protect peregrine falcons
ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, Maine — Officials at Acadia National Park have closed hiking trails on and around the Precipice Cliff to protect peregrine falcons that have been showing pre-nesting behavior.

Marketing focus of farmers conference
The first-ever Maine Farmers' Market Convention this weekend at Acadia National Park got farmers talking about market share and expanded customer bases.

Glacier National Park News:
Hybrid trout make it difficult to count westslope for ESA listing
KALISPELL n Clint Muhlfeld hefted the lunker up out of Langford Creek, just west of the Glacier National Park border, and considered the fish carefully, with an expert’s eye.

Spring Road Clearing Underway at Glacier National Park (Note, check out the video if you have the time. That is impressive work).
t's that time of year again, and the plowing of park roads is underway at Glacier National Park.

Grand Canyon National Park News:
Grand Canyon National Park North Rim—Ready! Set! Go!
Eager visitors have been waiting for the announcement. Now it's here. Friday, May 15, is opening day for the North Rim 2009 season. The Arizona Department of Transportation will open Highway 67 to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, no later than 7:00 a.m. on May 15, 2009.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park News:
President should help us celebrate park - Editorial
There have been several cartoonists’ caricatures this year of President Barack Obama disguised as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, complete with hat, glasses, wide grin and cigarette with holder.

Lake Clark National Park News:
Mount Redoubt Volcano Eruption Inspires Dramatic Lightning Storm (Note, check out the time-lapse video)
Alaska's Mount Redoubt volcano continues to display elevated activity. After several eruptions on Saturday, Anchorage's airport was closed. It has since re-opened. You may remember that in 1989 when Redoubt was having another eruption a KLM 747 dropped 13,000 feet after its engines became filled with ash from the volcano. Luckily it was able to restart two of them and land safely.

Mount Redoubt blowing nothing but hot air
Having amassed some 18 separate eruptions over the course of the last week, Alaska’s ominously grumbling Mount Redoubt volcano appears to have finally ceased its ashy belching in favour of a series of minor tremors restricted to the local surrounding area.
Misc. National Parks News:
Defenseless in National Parks — Again - Editorial (Editor's note...I am publishing it all....)
Thanks to the gun control lobby, people who might be attacked while visiting any of our vast and often remote national park areas have once again been rendered largely defenseless. A ruling March 19th by a federal judge in Washington, DC, has at least temporarily overturned a rule issued in December by the Bush Administration.

Outside the US/Canadian Parks System:
Fresh calls for South Downs park
Calls for the creation of a South Downs National Park have come from campaigners on the 60th anniversary of legislation to protect rural areas.

National parks plan considered for Northern Ireland
Stormont's Environment minister is to visit Scotland to see if its National Park model could be introduced in Northern Ireland.

Tribunal resolves Flinders Ranges claim
South Australia's biggest native title claim has been resolved, giving traditional owners non-exclusive rights over a large section of the state's mid-north.

Take scenic routes in Swiss Alps
Timed to coincide with the peak wildflower season, Knapsack Tours' June 14-24 "Swiss Alps" holiday features moderately paced day hikes and comfortable accommodations in three- and four-star hotels.

Rocky Mountain National Park News:
Temporary closures to protect nesting raptors in Rocky Mountain National Park
ESTES PARK, Colo. — Each year to protect raptor nesting sites, Rocky Mountain National Park officials initiate temporary closures in the Lumpy Ridge and Sheep Mountain areas of the park. To enable wildlife managers to gather information and ensure that raptors can nest undisturbed, specific areas within the park are closed temporarily to public use during nesting season.

Weekly water roundup: Congress passes public lands bill
Congress passes public lands bill
The big news this week was the public lands bill passed by Congress. It contained something for everyone -- except perhaps condo developers, miners and the oil and gas industry.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Wolves moving into the burbs?
Neighbors at the end of Marshall Canyon found wolf-killed wildlife in the drainage just northeast of the Missoula Valley in mid-March. Hunters last fall reported wolf tracks and scat in the Rattlesnake Wilderness and Gold Creek drainage. Residents in Bonner noticed the bighorn sheep hanging closer to town last winter, and wondered if wolves might be spooking them.

Brent Hunsaker - When will Yellowstone Blow Its Top?
We Utahns have a fascinating backyard: Yellowstone National Park. Only about a 5 hour drive from Salt Lake City, the nation's first national park is full of wildlife and natural beauty.

Business group looks at travel around Yellowstone
A business group says it expects to receive federal stimulus money to pay for a study examining a possible transportation network to help travelers in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Montana get around more easily.

Zion National Park News:
under the dixie SUN: In Search of a Better Way
It was a local rancher who found the best way out of Zion Canyon
If I were ever given the opportunity to meet the great characters of Southern Utah history, a man named John Winder would be on my short list.

National Park News Tues 03/31/09 [Re: James Morrissey] #20912
03/31/09 04:38 PM
03/31/09 04:38 PM
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James Morrissey Offline OP
James Morrissey  Offline OP
Carpal Tunnel

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Manhattan, New York, New York
Glacier National Park News:
Gravel pit near Glacier may grow
A gravel pit less than one-fourth mile from Glacier National Park would expand to 24 acres, from 2 acres, under a plan before the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

Grand Canyon National Park News:
Some of the Hardest Working Employees of Xanterra South Rim
The largest concession management company of the National Park System, Xanterra Park & Resorts provides services to millions of visitors each year. From the tours to lodging to shopping to dining, Xanterra is working to provide quality service and a memorably experience at its properties. At Grand Canyon National Park, this same goal is set for Xanterra South Rim, L.L.C. employees.

Great Falls National Historic Park News:
Obama signs Great Falls National Park bill
PATERSON, N.J. - A bill designating Paterson's Great Falls as a National Historic Park is now law.

Lake Clark National Park News:
Mount Redoubt Shifts to Small but Steady Eruptions
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Mount Redoubt has shifted into a different pattern, emitting a more steady ash plume rather than the violent explosions of the past week, scientists said Monday.

Misc. National Parks News:
Canyons area bill signed into law
President Obama on Monday signed the Omnibus Public Lands Bill, which includes creation of the 210,000-acre Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

Outside the US/Canadian Parks System:
England’s Ninth National Park Set Up Along Southeast Coast
England’s ninth national park, stretching from Winchester to Beachy Head along the south coast, won authorization today from U.K. Environment Secretary Hilary Benn.

South Downs National Park agreed
The South Downs area has been given national park status almost 60 years to the day since it was recommended.

Crews battle national park blaze
Fire authorities say there have been several cases of arson near the area where a bushfire is burning in Victoria's south-west.

Rocky Mountain National Park News:
Obama signs public-lands bill protecting Rocky Mountain National Park
President Barack Obama signed a sweeping public-lands bill into law Monday, setting aside more than 2 million acres as part of the largest expansion of wilderness preservation in 15 years.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Yellowstone concerned about Sylvan Pass costs
CODY, Wyo. (AP) - Yellowstone National Park officials say the number of people who cross Sylvan Pass during the winter might not justify the expense of keeping the pass open.

Preparing for the 2009 Yellowstone Season: The Lodging Challenge
Last year was a pretty good one in terms of visitors at Yellowstone National Park -- good if you want to see lots of people seeing the sights, less so if you like the back trails to yourself, of course.

Draper Museum nets $300,000 in grants (Editor's note: Not really Yellowstone news, but if you go to Yellowstone, you SHOULD drive to the museum if you have a day)
CODY — While many institutions across the country are cutting back on programs and activities, the Draper Museum of Natural History at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center is moving forward with its long-term strategic goals thanks to recent grant awards totaling nearly $300,000 from two national foundations.

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