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#31269 - 09/10/10 12:23 AM White tailed tale.
Attila Kegyes Offline

Registered: 08/12/10
Loc: USA, Ohio
Just a day after the UPS shipped my long time dream, a Sigma 300-800mm f/5,6 EX Super telezoom lens, I went out to the Cleveland metroparks system to try it out, to take some picture. I was super excited for my new lens, what was only in my boldest dreams before, but fortunatelly this dream came true a few years ago.
Also it was my long time dream to photographing deer fawn when they are still got the white spots on. I never got a chanse before to take picture of those cute little deers.
But a very first time I take one of my dream with me the other dream came true too. In a relatively quet corner of the park I encounter with two deer fawn. I was standing on one side of a small river they are was on the other side. They have noticed me, but in this age the curiosity was bigger than a fear, so they didn't run away.

Both fawn was waching me curiously, but I remain motionless, so they stayed calm but.....

.... but still kept they eyes on me.

This was the time to discover the world around them, and they have pay attention on everything which did make sound or make movements, like some birds in the nearby.

Then suddenly they have dissapeared in the high vegetations, probably they mother call them.
I was so happy to able to take a few picture, but then, I got more than I was begging for!

In a not to far distance, the two fawn appeared again, and waded into the river give me a cahnce for a more interesting photo.

Then their mother follow them too! Wow! I can't imagine a better and luckyer day. But it wasn't over!
After the deer family crossed the river, they are went out of my sight and dissapeared in the woods.
Then I noticed two songbirds on my side of the river catching flying insects over the river, but between the catches they have landed on a tree trunk was laying on a river bank. So I tought may be I can take a few picture of them too. I went closer to the tree trunk and I did lay down to the ground in the quite high grass, set the tripod to the lowest setting, and I cover myself and the lens with some camo net, and I was waiting for the birds to coming back. But instead of the birds a deer fawn walked into the frame as I saw trought the viewfinder!

I didn't expect the deers gonna come to my way. But they did, fortunate to me.

I think that was one of my luckyest day so far.
I got my dream lens, and I got the deer fwan photos what I wanted too.
I shoot on Fuji Velvia and Astia, with Nikon F6 and Pentax Z1p with Sigma zoom lenses.

#31270 - 09/10/10 03:57 AM Re: White tailed tale. [Re: Attila Kegyes]
daveman Offline
Old hand

Registered: 03/31/07
Loc: Arizona
neat story and shots. Great getting up so close to the fawns. I wonder how old they are?
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#31271 - 09/10/10 06:49 AM Re: White tailed tale. [Re: daveman]
Attila Kegyes Offline

Registered: 08/12/10
Loc: USA, Ohio
Hi Dave,

Thanks for your comment.

They are about 2-3 months old.

The pictures was taken at early August. The does giving birth usually at May-june, so if this guys was born at early May, they are still only 3 months old.
I shoot on Fuji Velvia and Astia, with Nikon F6 and Pentax Z1p with Sigma zoom lenses.

#31272 - 09/10/10 04:38 PM Re: White tailed tale. [Re: Attila Kegyes]
James Morrissey Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 02/11/05
Loc: Manhattan, New York, New York
Hi Attila,

Thanks for sharing. A very nice series indeed. I think that my favorite is the 3rd. I like the back-lighting on the fawn. I think the 6th is also very cute.

Manhattan, New York, NY Pet Photographer

#31273 - 09/10/10 09:58 PM Re: White tailed tale. [Re: James Morrissey]
Attila Kegyes Offline

Registered: 08/12/10
Loc: USA, Ohio
Hi James,

The first two is not as outstanding or special, pictures, but I posted them becaouse they makes the story as a whole.
Those pictures was taken on Fuji Provia 400, and the colors of the provia is not for wildlife or nature photography, I did tired out, but I never bought again. In taht time when these picture was taken, my choice of film was mostly a Fuji Sensia, which is an amateour slide, but pretty nice.
rest of these deer pictures was taken on Sensia 200, and I like the result. But After I was run out of my stock Sensia I start to shoot on Velvia and Astia slides.
Tha last two a little tight composition, but I was so exited about the new lens and about the deers, I forget to open the zoom little more, I wasnt use to the lens yet. The pictures was taken at 390mm focal lenght, so it was room for a little more opening. But I gonna add more room in PS around the frame. i know it would be possible and actually pretty easy way, but You know me!
I shoot on Fuji Velvia and Astia, with Nikon F6 and Pentax Z1p with Sigma zoom lenses.


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