Wow!! There are some great shots that have gone up today. I am really excited about the thread so far.

Tony - that Ram just knocks my socks off. It is spectacular. I would love to hear how close you were and what lens you used. The detail is amazing.

Steve - Thanks for sharing your shots. I particularly like the squirrel and the Yellowstone shots from the geyser basins. Very well done.

Pete - I have never seen a leopard in the wild before. Not only are the shots wondeful, but you had a chance to witness something that many people have never had the option to do outside of a zoo. Congratulations!

Misha - I agree. The image you provided is absolutely beautiful. Great color, saturation and composition.

Thank you all for sharing! I have more to come too, I am just pacing myself. I feel that some of these have really thrown down the gauntlet.