I don't usually shoot these as a specific effort but I was recently going through some shots from an expedition to EPCOT last year and I found a couple that I thought would make a good panorama. So, since I have CS3, I took the mildly-edited shots and put them together to get this somewhat interesting view of the EPCOT Flower Show.

My question is: how many of you guys actually shoot panoramas as a formal exercise and what software do you use to stitch the shots together.

Let me just say that I like to try everything in photography so I'll continue to experiment with panoramas with a real attempt to actually capture something that really lends itself to the technique. And I'm pretty satisfied with what CS3 does in terms of combining the images and adjusting them to each other. But I'm curious if there are other software solutions that handle this chore better.

Input appreciated.



I have been bitten by the pano bug for a couple of years. I've used many of the panorama software packages out there
and I've settled for the moment on the program Panomaker4Pro from Arcsoft. The important things for me in
a good panorama program is its ability to stitch difficult transitions and also match moderate exposure differences.
I also want a program that will allow you to manually tweak a stitch if the program just can't figure it out.
Panomaker4Pro meets all of these requirements pretty well.

Here is a set of pano component pics that I use to test a new pano program. As you can see, the distortions are
extreme in these pics of the Rainbow bridge at Donner summit. I was impressed that Panomaker4Pro could actually
still stitch these together, albeit the final product is somewhat distorted. When I tried this on PTGui, it puked.

Anyway, that's how I'm doing them. You can check out more at my website.