Tucson Jim, is it not cooler (some) down by patagonia in some of the preserve's ? Not as cool as San Diego but lots of birds at different times of year..What about the top of Mt. Lemon.. LOL I've not been up there in years.


Yep, Patagonia Lake and the adjacent Sonoita Creek State Natural Area (Bird Sanctuary), as well as Mount Lemmon, are both somewhat cooler than Tucson.

Although my wife enjoys San Diego, I really hate driving in that town. I'd rather tackle the Los Angeles freeways than San Diego. So, I'm not one who makes that trek very often.

For cooling off purposes, I prefer Oak Creek Canyon, the White Mountains or Silver City, NM. I haven't been through Oak Creek since the fires/floods, however. Seeing the affects of the bark beetle infestation the last time I was there just about broke my heart. I can only imagine what it looks like now. Argh!&^$%$!!

I think I'm ready to try my hand at some bird photography if I can muster the patience, and the Patagonia Lake/Sonoita Creek area is a nice place to start. Do you think it is too late in the season already to go now?