It sounds like many folks are still attempting to make their trips - even with the cost of gas going through the roof. That is a good thing. I wonder though, if the cost of gas has changed what we drive when we get to our destinations? i.e. do we rent a compact vs an SUV when possible? Or, a small SUV vs something larger?

I own a mini van, 4wd pickup truck, full size conversion van and a compact car. The compact car gets driven less miles than the others. The mini van hauls my equipment to photography jobs. The pick up truck hauls building supplies, firewood, trash to the dump, takes me places the other vehicles can't go. The conversion van takes me to jobs when I need to spend the night or tows the trailer that has my viewing equipment when they are needed for a job. The compact car takes my wife to work or to the grocery store. Her work is 8 miles away, my work is anywhere from my back yard to 1000 miles away one way. What I drive is dictated by the job at hand, not by the price of fuel.

David Ramey Photography