Hi Peggysue,

I studied Ansel's style back in the 60's and living in Florida at the time I always yearned to travel out west to try my hand at capturing images like his.

It wasn't until 20 years later that I made it to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone and it was then that I understood his love for nature.

I've carried that love for nature since, and when I'm out shooting I'm always
prepared to get an image if it's there.

Last weekend I went up to Roan Mountain, TN to see the annual bloom of the Rhododendron.

This image was taken with my 50-300mm nikon.
The Park Rangers don't allow you to move off of the walkway at the area
where you can see the beautiful view, so you have to improvise to get the image that you want. This is a close up of some of the blooms.

With a single shot from the viewing area, you can get a shot like this.

I wanted something different, so without leaving the walkway, I laid down
on the edge of the deck and was able to get below the hand rail etc.
This is a stitch of 6 images composed vertically and hand held.

Of course if Ansel would have been there, he would have had his 8x10 view camera ready.