Leave is in and reservations are made. 3 days of shooting in the middle of September! This means that I may be a bit early for color and I'm not sure on the rut but it was then or not for awhile. My main goal this trip will be to shoot as much wildlife as possible and to scout the park for further trips. This time I'll be staying at West Yellowstone.

What I'm after this trip will be bears, wolves and oddly enough porcupines. Plenty of Elk and Moose where I live but the bears are real elusive and the once plenty porcupines here in northern Utah seemed to have dwindled out. So, any hints on where to go would be appreciated. I realize the wolves will be super tough but I haven't seen one in the wild for ages so just a glimpse would be great.

I'll have a 560mm with me that coupled with a cropped DSLR will give me some decent range. I just hope the weather is good as it's a f/6.8 lens and manual focus so good light is required. Otherwise I'm down to the 400/5.6 and relying on the autofocus.

Anyway I am so stoked about finally getting there. I'll got through the old posts on Yellowstone for info but any little tibits you experts have on the location will be greatly appreciated.