HI Jim,

Glad to see you're getting to go to Yellowstone.

I always stay in West Yellowstone when I get to go because you can be
in the park in a couple of minutes.

I find myself getting into the park just before sunrise and I travel what I refer
to as the loop around yellowstone to see what I can find.

Have you been there before?

Do you already have a place in West Yellowstone?

I can help you with any questions you may have since Yellowstone is
my favorite place to shoot......

If you want wolves, you will probably see more in the Lamar Valley
between Gardiner and Cooke City.

They usually can be seen at quite a distance from the main road and you
will see a lot of people with spotting scopes to view them.

I would check with the rangers to see about the best place to photograph them.

Will you be hiking alone? If so, be careful.....I'm always concerned when
I hike alone because you never know what could happen unexpectedly etc.

Just be careful....

Enjoy every aspect of Yellowstone....You will love it

I usually enter the park from West Yellowstone and go left through the Gibbon Valley and up to Canyon, or Gardiner.

My best images have been early before the sun breaks over the trees etc.
and just as the sun is setting. Light is always an issue and since I don't have a 2.8 telephoto, I'm always starving for light and film speed etc.

Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll be glad to share my experiences
capturing the wildlife etc.

I don't have any images of the bears yet, I always seem to miss them
when I go later in the year.