I am planning at least two trips. I am going to Steve Kossack's Death Valley Seminar (I think he has a couple of spots left if anyone else is interested) from March 11-15 and Yellowstone/Grand Teton the last week in August.

The Death Valley trip, I think, will be really cool. This will be my first seminar that I have ever attended. Having briefly gone through Death Valley last year on my way to the Digital Wedding Forum and WPPI trade shows, all I can say is that it is an amazing place. I hope that they get blooms at least 1/2 as good as last year's.

Yellowstone is almost like home to me. What else can you say?

The last thing that I am considering, if possible, is Churchill Canada to see the polar bears. That would be a real thrill though expensive. If I cannot afford the sheckles for that, perchance Alaska (which would also be a bit pricey). This part may be too ambitious for '06.