Hey David, sounds like you have had some bad luck out west! Sorry to hear that. Now you know why we westerners have a "rugged" reputation - LOL. Thanks a lot for your BBQ offer! Rest assured the next time I'm in the area I'll put in my order for some KC BBQ! Nothing but the best!

Thanks again and, please, if you should go to the park, pose a shot or two or tell us what you learned while you were there. That goes for everyone reading this thread. Once I get back into shooting the parks, (spring) I'll be giving regular updates, mostly as conditions warrant or as requested. It sounds like Roman might just be our connection to the rest of the Pacific coast parks; I know I speak for the rest when I say we cannot wait to see some more of his stuff. Finally, I'm headed up through Banff and Jasper at the end of the week. I expect some crazy cold weather and I hope to find some good subjects. If I don’t, I still will let you guys/gals know what I found. I've never been up through the heart of the Canadian Rockies during the winter.

Check back later, take care and good shooting!