I must admit to a tinge of jealously when I read about trips to Yellowstone, the Canadian Rockies, Alaska, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley. We who live in the deep Southeast, would love to make those types of photo excursions.

Unfortunately, for me at least, that kind of travel is not likely in 2006 as I continue to build the business and, in my spare time, show dogs, renovate the house and, oh did I mention, build the business

However, while extensive travel for pleasure is not possible at this time, there is no reason why I (and others) can't concentrate on those Natural Wonders present within a day's drive of where we live. For example, Florida has over 159 State Parks including such wonderful settings as the Keys, the Everglades, Lake Okeechobee, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico as well as many historical sites. My plan is to try to photograph all of these during the course of 2006.

Sure I'd love to shoot the grand vistas of the Grand Canyon. But capturing the essence of the Everglades would be just as challenging and far more accessible.

I urge all of us on this forum to consider the venues closest to home as photographic opportunities. And to share what you find there.


Jim Garvie