Here is another version of your images. I probably would not flip images since it changes the driver but I like the way this one leads the eye back into the collage. ...

That is lovely peggysue - more compact and more pleasing, is that the "less is more" rule? And I like the balance so there is a less in-your-face spot for the text they wanted. Interesting your comment on flipping: (that first one had already been flipped so you have corrected it) and I hadn't thought how glaringly obvious it is to have the driver sitting on the pony's off-side in one shot and near-side in the other, so will watch that.

I'll probably get a couple of orders for the same style from yesterday's event once drivers have seen the shots. So this thread is good for some visual balance guidance. I never know what to charge for a collage, the final of this one was printed 18x24" and looked good framed.

The only down-side to being back shooting harness horses is that I'd love to try it myself: and the pony I have is so unsuitable for harness, he's a totally unpredictable little fellow.