logan pass opens today or tomorrow, it's been closed all year, with limited access from the east side.

car will make it on the pole bridge road, but I did hear the the floods really did some damage in places. the floods were HUGE over there and yes the sun road was completely washed out in places.

mcdonald falls was not even a falls. make sure to check out mcdonald falls an image the it looks like a ripple, and you get an idea of how much water was coming down the river.

PURE SNOW on logan. Last nigh the only signs of growth were a few glacier lillies starting in the exposed areas. I'd hike the hidden lake trail from logan, its all snow, but it would be fun. The highline trail still is closed.

many glacier is awesome!

Lots of great day hikes in Two Medicine, and fewer bears.

Also, cut bank creek is great and accessable.

The prarie flowers are awesome, even thought the balsoms are all done. we had so much rain that it's a great flower year. none on logan yet, but august will be awesome!!!!

Go check the post under "when are you good enough" and you can see a shot GNP in Late august!
I cant wait. have fun, call me when you arrive if you need anything. . . I live on the east side so not likely I'll be over in the ceders or avalanch falls area. . .