Update - 12/4/08

Glacier National Park:
Most Glacier Park roads closed
WEST GLACIER — Glacier National Park officials have restricted traffic on most park roads after heavy snowfall Tuesday.

Mount Rainier NP:
New pamphlet warns against feeding wildlife in national park
The pamphlet is filled with photos of some of the animals that call Mount Rainier National Park home.

Volcanoes National Park:
Park officials await branch of lava flow slowly approaching
A slow-moving tongue of molten rock that recently broke off from the main flow of lava on the Big Island is inching its way closer to the boundary of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and, not far from there, the Pacific Ocean.

Yosemite National Park:
Winter Getaway: Yosemite National Park
Whether coated in white snow or shrouded in stark winter gray, Yosemite National Park takes on a serene identity from December through February. Without summer crowds or hot sun, the park is prime for skiing, skating and quiet hikes to majestic sequoia trees—weather permitting. Suit up in waterproof attire, equip your car tires for icy conditions and prepare to be awestruck by the winter scene at Yosemite.