December 7, 2008 - Update

Cape Cod National Seashore
That old Cape Mod
Once slated for demolition, Modernist cottages in National Seashore in line for preservation

Misc. National Parks:
Guns will be allowed in national parks
Campers may now pack heat along with their sleeping bags when they travel to national parks.

Saguaro National Park
Our sunny winter wanderland
Desert hiking like many other things in life is all about timing. Trek the Hugh Norris Trail in Saguaro National Park West on a blazing 108-degree day in June and you could end up feeling like a piece of meat coming off a steakhouse grill. Ramble that same saguaro-studded trail on a 68-degree day in December and you might think you had landed in hikers' heaven. The timing is right now and for the next three months to hike the many beautiful desert-elevation trails around Tucson. From gentle, kid-friendly routes such as the Cactus Forest Trail in Saguaro National Park East to the steep Finger Rock Canyon Trail in the Catalina Mountains, our area is a winter-hiking wonderland.

Yellowstone NP:
Limited access to private property cited as elk movement contribution (not quite YSNP)
HELENA, Mont. - Access to private property during the hunting seasons has contributed to a change in elk movement patterns and brucellosis risk, according to the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.