Just a couple of updates today:

Update December 8th, 2008:

Misc. Parks
Concealed Guns to be Allowed in National Parks (Same info reported on 12/7, BUT written from a slightly different perspective).
Visitors to U.S. national parks and wildlife refuges will be allowed to carry concealed weapons under an updated regulation (.pdf) announced on December 5 by the Department of the Interior (DOI). Under the new regulation, individuals will be allowed to carry a concealed weapon in a national park or wildlife refuge only if they are authorized to carry a concealed weapon in the state in which the park or refuge is located and the state where the park or refuge is located allows guns in parks.

Weekend Window: Gwaii Haanas
In Awe of Gwaii Haanas National Park in Canada
In the chilly waters just south of the Gulf of Alaska and a few miles off British Columbia's western coast lies a smattering of pristine, nearly undisturbed land masses known as the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Yellowstone National Park:
Yellowstone-area grizzly deaths see uptick
POWELL - The number of grizzly bear deaths in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem increased markedly this year, but the population continued to grow.