December 9th Update:

Joshua Tree NP:
Joshua Tree: ‘Layer up’ and other tips for winter camping
With camping options year-round, we Southern Californian campers have it pretty good. When the coast is too soggy and the mountains too snowy, we can head to the desert for gorgeous scenery, sunny days and starry nights.

Misc Parks:
Park Service Targets 100s Of Deer Near Camp David
Sharpshooters would kill more than 2,000 white-tailed deer over 15 years to curb tree damage in Catoctin Mountain Park, the federal woodland surrounding Camp David, under a National Park Service plan awaiting final approval.

Parks generate $485M for Utah
National study » Nonlocal visitors drive local economies.
tah's national parks enrich not only our souls but also the economy. Parks infuse more than 11,000 jobs and nearly $485 million into the Utah economy, says a new study. Nationally, the parks accounted for 188,000 jobs and more than $18 billion in economic activity.

Yosemite NP:
Frozen in time at Yosemite National Park
Skaters enjoy 80th season of Curry Village Ice Rink after delay.
YOSEMITE VALLEY -- The spectacular views of Half Dome don't include snow at the moment, but skaters are still seeing it daily as they glide on a famous piece of ice in Yosemite National Park.

New acting superintendent to head Yosemite
YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif.—An interim superintendent for Yosemite National Park is scheduled to arrive within the next few weeks.