Please note that we occasionally have been publishing some editorials. It just occurred to me that I should make a disclaimer stating that the views expressed in the clippings presented here do not necessarily represent our own thoughts...


Aransas National Wildlife Refuge:
Whooping crane count in Texas up to record 270
The whooping crane population has set another record with 270 of the endangered birds wintering on the Texas Coastal Bend.

Grand Canyon NP (Opinion Piece):
A chasm in funding
Grand Canyon National Park is a stunning example of the grandeur of America's public treasures. It's an equally striking example of the desperate shortfall in maintaining these assets.

Great Smoky NP:
Park plans urged to help boost economy
Group says projects would create 57,000 jobs, address critical needs
A new report by a park advocacy group urges Congress and the incoming Barack Obama administration to look no further than the national park system for projects that can help jump-start the economy.

Misc. Parks News
National Park sites lift local economies (note, we have published similar material before)
$11.8 billion boost, study finds
The country's national parks have become a valuable asset during the recession - drawing thousands of visitors and propping up local economies, a new study shows.

Rocky Mountain NP:
Denver, CO (AHN) - An avalanche in Colorado killed two snowmobilers Saturday afternoon.

Yellowstone NP:
Vice president defends his record
In an interview with the Star-Tribune last week, Vice President Dick Cheney spoke about his future plans, why his term in office has been so controversial, and the role his office played in keeping the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park open in winter. Cheney spoke with the newspaper from his home in Teton County, where he was spending time with family.

Yosemite NP:
It's California cold rush in Yosemite Valley
Walking along the snowy banks of the Merced River as it winds below cliffs, it's obvious why Yosemite Valley's original American Indian inhabitants felt they lived at the center of the universe.,0,4621346.story