Great Smoky NP:
A 75th celebration
Will the new president come to wish Smokies a ‘Happy Birthday?
Millions come to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park every year. This year, 2009, will certainly be no exception as the park prepares to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the official proclamation that gave birth to the park.

Haleakala NP:
Nene killed on the road in Haleakala National Park
HALEAKALA — An adult nene was killed on the road at Haleakala National Park on Dec. 28. Motorists traveling to the park are asked to drive slowly and cautiously.

Mesa Verde NP:
Mesa Verde National Park: Protecting the Culture of Ancient Native Americans
The park has more than five thousand ruins from the time of the Ancestral Puebloan people. Transcript of radio broadcast: 30 December 2008

Misc. Parks News:
Brady Campaign Sues to Stop National Park Gun Rule
The new rule applies to rural and urban national parks. If it goes into effect on January 9, it would allow concealed firearms on the National Mall just eleven days before the Obama Inaugural Celebration.

Health perks of the park
Take a healthy holiday vacation and visit a park. Sure, parks are pretty to look at. And they make neighborhoods much more desirable. But according to the University of Glasgow study recently published in The Lancet medical journal, they can also do wonders for your health.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR (Washington Times): National parks, an American heritage
our article "National Park sites lift local economies" (Page 1, Monday) raises one of my long-standing pet peeves.