It looks like a fairly quiet day for news. There is still a lot coming out about the earthquakes in the Yellowstone region. Here are a few headlines that I came across today.


Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park (Part of Shenandoah Valley)
A draft of the Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park's first general management plan is available for public review and comment through late February.

Great Smoky NP:
Vines: Davises a part of park's start
With the attention on this year's 75th anniversary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, some focus needs to be on Annie M. Davis, wife of Willis P. Davis, both of whom were instrumental in the park's creation.

Los Padres National Forest:
Voice of Los Padres forest retires
After decades of providing information to news media and the public about wildfires and other issues concerning Los Padres National Forest, Kathy Good retired Friday as the forest's public affairs officer.

Misc. Parks News:
If you’re thinking about a trip to a national park next summer, you might want to start researching your itinerary now. Campsites and cabins can be secured up to six months in advance at, and the National Park Service has a wealth of free information online for individual parks.

Yellowstone NP:
Ranchers oppose Yellowstone bison relocation
Ranchers are voicing concern about plans to relocate some Yellowstone Park bison to Indian reservations in Montana and Wyoming.

Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquakes: Scientists React
What is the meaning of the (suddenly quiescent) earthquake swarm at Yellowstone National Park? Here are takes from two more top volcanologists. First up is Stephen Self, who presented a report on the hazards from a supervolcano eruption to the British government in 2005 and does work for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission:

Yellowstone Shaken By Swarm Of Earthquakes
All Things Considered, January 3, 2009 · A few little earthquakes here or there is just a part of everyday life when you live on top of the largest supervolcano in North America.