Today's update. A few articles. There is a lot more stuff coming out on the Yellowstone earthquake situation that has been happening since 12/26.


Misc Parks News:
Study backs Monroe as parkland
A study of parks in Hampton Roads is denounced and praised.
A study about parks in Hampton Roads that is intended to demonstrate a need to keep much of Fort Monroe as parkland was denounced by some and praised by others on Tuesday.,0,1245509.story

Saguaro NP:
Full slate of activities this month at Saguaro National Park
A series of programs are under way at Saguaro National Park. Explore the natural and cultural history of the park. Come along on a naturalist-led evening walk or join a local expert for a presentation in the visitor center. Programs will be offered at both districts. There is no charge for interpretive programs, but park entrance fees apply.

Yellowstone NP:
Yellowstone Park Sees Incredible Earthquake Swarm
Some pretty interesting things have been happening at Yellowstone National Park since December 26th. Over the last week geologists have recorded more than 400 small earthquakes. Quakes in that number are called an earthquake swarm.

Tremors ease at Yellowstone
Seismic activity in Yellowstone National Park "has markedly decreased" in the past two days, possibly an indication that the swarm of quakes that hit the area has ended, the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory said today.

Don't be all shook up over Yellowstone quakes
Experts say the swarm of small temblors since Dec. 26 doesn't signal a possible major eruption at the park.
When you have 400 earthquakes on top of one of the largest supervolcanoes on Earth, people pay attention.
And since the day after Christmas, that's what has happened at Yellowstone National Park. Scientists are seeing what they call a "swarm" of low intensity earthquakes - the largest since the 1980s. The biggest quake had a magnitude of 3.9, below the level that can cause damage.

Yosemite NP:
Yosemite: One of the Most Famous National Parks in the US
Yosemite National Park is a place of extremes. Transcript of radio broadcast:
This is Phoebe Zimmermann.
Half Dome in Yosemite National Park
And this is Steve Ember with EXPLORATIONS in VOA Special English. Today, we tell about one of the most famous national parks in the United States. You can find it high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of the western state of California. It is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Its name is Yosemite.

Zion NP:
Study: Glen Canyon, Zion lead in Utah park rescues
If you're a guy in your 20s on a day hike in a national park in Utah, step carefully. You're among the most likely to need rescuing.