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...just a few more items on today's National Park News.


Acadia NP:
Officials push for scenic byway extension
MILLINOCKET, Maine — The Grindstone Scenic Byway will extend from Medway’s Grindstone Road on Route 157 and Lake Road to the Baxter State Park entrance if regional and state officials have their way.

Denali NP:
Alaska: Plan ahead for 50th anniversary events and deals
On Jan. 3, 1959, Alaska became the 50th state of the USA, so the arrival of 2009, 50 years later, has been a reason to celebrate. Among its anniversary commemorations thus far, beginning last year, have been a new postage stamp, a float in the Rose Parade in Pasadena earlier this month and the launching of a special website, with current news and events related to statehood celebrations.

Yellowstone NP:
(Note, essentially the same article as published on 01/13/08, but the authors are indeed different).
Wolf numbers decline in Yellowstone in 2008
Yellowstone’s wolf population declined by 27 percent last year, likely the result of wolf-on-wolf conflicts and disease, according to park officials