CF Card – Got it. I download with the printer reader and then put the card back into the camera and format. Ready for next shoot.


Sounds like you need more light, not a new camera. Even with the new cameras you don't want to be shooting cats much above 3200 ISO.

Yes I understood that. I guess I was not clear. What I was trying to say was with my current conditions (equipment, set-up and lighting) I could not get the lighting to where I need it to be (giving you all the numbers to show where I was at). Not that it matters, but the instructor told me I didn’t want to be shooting the cats much above 400 ISO (800 if lighting forced me to do so).

I am on a strobe mission. The rescue and cats is something I see in my future for many years to come (if it doesn't kill me first) and I am thinking everyone will agree that when I do have things better under control and when I am understanding everything better then it will be time to upgrade to strobes, so it is foolish for me to spend any money upgrading the hot light set-up.


Get a nifty fifty. Canon 50mm, f1.8 EF lens.

What will the differences be with this lens?



Ohhhhh I see something else that’s interesting. I did not understand what David meant about my adding 3 lights to one umbrella. Three lights can be added to one umbrella, but not “my” umbrella? This looks like a set-up that would work

1,000 watt lamps (they go up to 3,000)! Basically, that is one soft box for the price of 3 Bees. Which makes more sense for my needs? The one thing I can say is whatever I do it is 100% for the cats. It doesn’t matter to me if I get a set-up that works for the cats and nothing else. The only thing I am ever taking pictures of is cats.


Alien Bees

David thanks for the links!!! I started going through the first and it was very informative (I probably won’t have a chance to get back there before the weekend, but definitely will). With the Alien Bee site is there a forum or teach area that you want me to see (or are you just sending me there to see the various products)?

Thanks again everyone for all your help.