Bryce Canyon National Park News:
Bryce Canyon: Hoodoo You Love
A three-hour tour. A three...hour...tour.
Here in the expansive courtyard of a St. George hotel, Iím sipping pretty good coffee and slowly waking up. I sip the black rocket fuel and watch starched-shirt businessmen and pants-suited businesswomen chatter into cell phones, huddle around laptops, and buzz with the early morning energy of a seminar.

Denali National Park News:
Worms on Ice- Natural Alaska
There is a creature in Alaska that outnumbers people, yet few people have seen it. It lives where we canít, itís as small as a fingernail clipping, it appears only in shadows and at night, and it dissolves at room temperature.

Everglades National Park News:
'We're being lied to,' anglers say about Everglades park proposals
Florida Keys fishing guides and anglers told Everglades National Park staff on Monday that channel markers intended to protect Florida Bay shallows could make matters worse.

Glacier National Park News:
Glacier NP begins clearing the road
Snowplow crews are starting the lengthy process of clearing the 50 mile stretch of the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park and we hitched a ride on Wednesday morning.

Grand Canyon National Park News:
Slow Economy Creates Market for Free Grand Canyon Tours to Havasu Falls
The travel industry has been one of the hardest hit by the economy, and they're offering unheard of deals and discounts in order to entice leery travelers, including one Grand Canyon Tour Company that is giving away free trips. Hydros Adventures has announced that it is giving away all-inclusive hiking and camping trips to world-renowned Havasu Falls, a series of beautiful turquoise waterfalls hidden deep within the Grand Canyon on the ancestral home of Havasupai Indian Tribe.

Tusayan-Grand Canyon Pilot Shuttle Bus Program
The National Park Service (NPS) will offer a pilot shuttle bus program between Grand Canyon National Park and the neighboring town of Tusayan again this year. The service will be available from May 16 through September 13 and will run at 15 minute intervals between 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Great Falls National Park News (It kind of feels nice to say that):
In New Jersey, History Speaks to the Present
History is told in many strange ways, and often it isnít told at all.

Great Falls, great hopes for Paterson as site becomes a national park (this has a nice video attached to it)
The designation of the Great Falls of Paterson as a national park this week was long overdue.

Lassen Volcanic National Park News:
Three men cited for riding snowmobiles in national park
Three Northern California men have been cited into federal court for riding snowmobiles in Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Misc. National Park News:
National parks seek to reduce carbon footprint of workers, visitors
Thousands of cars, pickup trucks and minivans carry visitors to national parks in Western Washington. They leave behind tons of plastic water bottles, granola bar wrappers and banana peels.

Activist is indicted in BLM auction
A federal grand jury has indicted an environmental activist on criminal charges for disrupting a controversial land auction.

Mount Rainier National Park News:
Mountain switching from snow to spring
Even though there are more than 165 inches of snow on the ground at Paradise, Mount Rainier National Park staff members are preparing for the transition to spring operations.

Olympic National Park News (Editor's note...this was published yesterday, obviously....)
Returning Mountain Gorillas to Washington
Let's give a warm welcome to the majestic, chest-thumping giants.

Rocky Mountain National Park News:
A winter visit to Rocky Mountain National Park
A couple of weeks ago, my family went to Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland. The parade was entertaining, but with the heavy snowfall and bitter cold we decided not to stay for as long as we had planned. Instead, we got in the car and headed up the scenic byway toward Estes Park. The weather quickly cleared as we headed north, and by the time we got to the Fall River entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, the sky was bright blue and the views were gorgeous.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Natíl Geo completes new Geotourism map guide
The wonders of Yellowstone National Park and neighboring Grand Teton are only the starting point of National Geographicís newest Geotourism MapGuide. The map moves well beyond the parksí borders to highlight the regionís unsung treasures, celebrating the world-class natural and cultural heritage of the entire area.

Advance bookings decline in Yellowstone area
CODY, Wyo. (AP) ó Fewer tourists compared to last year have booked advance reservations to visit the greater Yellowstone region this summer, but industry leaders hope low gas prices will lure people to drive to national parks and other attractions in Montana and Wyoming.

Michelin Teams With Yellowstone Park Foundation for Environmental Stewardship Program
Michelin has been named the "Official Tire of the Yellowstone Park Foundation" as part of a new environmental stewardship initiative to provide Michelin energy-saving tires to the Yellowstone National Park vehicle fleet.