Thanks, David, for the informative post. One of the cool things about doing this material every day is finding out all of the amazing things I just have no clue about, LOL. Anyway, mostly a quiet news day - though there a large amount of stuff outside the US/Canadian borders which was published.


Congaree National Park News:
Savoring progress: Congaree swamp activists reunite
‘We didn’t have anything but the people’s voice’

Cuyahoga Valley National Park News:
Rail crossings in park to close
Railroad crossings in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park will close for several days this month so workers can improve the road crossings and install signal devices.

Denali National Park News:
Denali Park, Alaska: Showcasing Green Technology
For a few years, there have been fewer worries about using oil and natural gas to power electrical appliances and other types of technological advancements. But when oil prices started surging, worries about the depletion of energy resources have become evident. Apart from their unsustainable state, the adverse affects of using them have also raised several concerns. Acid rain, smog and other forms of pollution are disadvantages of using these energy sources. Fortunately, there are already renewable types of energy sources that, with the help of technology, can be harvested and used to power our homes. Compared to using oil and natural gas, using renewable energy has no adverse effects on the environment.

Grand Canyon National Park News:
Does the Mule Train have a Dining Car?
This is a question based on a misunderstanding of what a mule train is. Grand Canyon National Park is served by a famous railroad, the Grand Canyon Railway, which brings Park visitors to and from Williams and Grand Canyon Village through the scenic Kaibab National Forest. Trains that normally bring visitors to Grand Canyon provide a few choices of travel including Coach, First Class, Dome Class, and similar to a dining car, Parlor Class.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park News:
Documentary on the Smokies set for fall release
East Tennessee Public Television is preparing a documentary on the history of Great Smoky Mountains National Park that will coincide with the airing this fall of a nationwide series about the national park system.

Lake Clark National Park:
A pain in the ash: Volcano irritates Alaskans
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Mount Redoubt is getting under the skin of Alaska, and it's not just the irritation caused by volcanic ash.

Eruption of Alaska's Mount Redoubt halts activity at oil facility again
Cook Inlet Pipeline Co., owned by Chevron and Pacific Energy, has halted some Alaska activities following an eruption at Mount Redoubt on Sunday.

Mammoth Cave National Park News:
People urged to stay out of caves to fight deadly bat disease (Previously reported)
Fungus causes early end of hibernation
Federal officials are asking people in Kentucky and other states, including North Carolina, to stay out of caves where bats hibernate to try to stop the spread of a disease that's killing thousands them.

Misc. National Park News:
A national park in T.O.?
A proposal to designate the Rouge Valley on Toronto's eastern edge as a national park needs more study and consideration before it is adopted.

Calif. Condor Found Shot with Illegal Ammo
A California condor has been found shot with lead buckshots by biologists in Monterey County, the second of the critically endangered
indigenous species to be found in March with wounds from lead ammunition and suffering compromised digestive systems from lead poisoning.

Outside the US/Canadian Parks System:
Schoolboy found in Tas wilderness
A Melbourne schoolboy is recovering from hypothermia after spending the night alone in Tasmania's central highlands.

Chile Volcano Forces National Park Evacuation (Video)
Chile's Llaima volcano continues to spew lava, smoke and ash today after erupting yesterday.

Downside of national park status
Yes, Labour has transformed the south coast by declaring the South Downs a national park (A place in the country, 2 April), but probably not for the better for those living and working there. Judging by the record of other national parks, new industrial and commercial development will be all but impossible, the development of existing industries and agriculture will be severely limited, and employment opportunities will diminish except in the tourist and allied service industries.

Drunks 'out of control' at Litchfield National Park
Tourism Top End says drunken behaviour at Litchfield National Park could affect tourism numbers and lead to fatal car crashes.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Yellowstone trails (See middle of page)
Yellowstone National Park has reopened two trails popular with skiers and snowshoers.

Another Possible Hurdle to Idaho's Wolf Hunt
The Greater Yellowstone Coalition is the latest environmental group which says it will sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over its new plan for managing gray wolves in the Northern Rockies.