A relatively slow news day today...having said that, there was some news in more places I had never heard of today, which is great. This includes the misc. parks news which has a host of accessible car-free islands, and the outside the US/Canadian parks section.


Grand Canyon National Park News:
Road to Grand Canyon's North Rim to reopen May 15
The main roadway leading to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is set to reopen for the summer season on May 15.

Great Falls National Park News:
Paterson's Great Falls' new national park status is just a drop in the bucket
It's the perfect time for the designation of the Great Falls National Historical Park in Paterson. As longtime park advocates have said, Paterson now has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reverse the course of urban decline that the city has suffered over the last 50 years.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Visit Kilauea volcano and Hawaii's growing island
The largest and southernmost of the Hawaiian islands is shaking, spitting, and stretching as it slowly expands into the ocean.

Misc. National Parks News:
Exhausted your vacation options? Take a trip to a car-free island
Get out from behind the wheel and experience a true sense of calm.
Need a break from traffic, pollution, gas prices, and all the other stresses related to the internal combustion engine? Visit one of the handful of US islands where motor vehicles are banned. These protected havens (most are national parks or seashores) are often only reached by boat and have no paved roads. But unlike exotic destinations such as Bali and Tahiti, they’re both affordable and accessible—if you’re up for a little adventure.

Mount Rushmore National Park News:
New chief ranger named at Mount Rushmore
Superintendent Gerard Baker has named Don Hart the new chief ranger at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Hart began his new position March 16 after seven years as one of the park’s supervisory rangers in the Law Enforcement, Security and Emergency Services Division.

North Cascades National Park News:
Ken Schram: Nothing's fishy about trout policy (Editorial)
I take no joy or embarrassment from the following: I’ve never been fishing.

Outside the US/Canadian Park System:
Ninety-seven per cent of the Galapagos Islands are designated as National Park and a World Heritage Site.

Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
Explore secret Africa on an alpine wildlife safari.
Talk about off the map: This chain of 14,000-foot mountains might as well be off the planet. And this 83-mile, eight-day trek hits the trifecta of adventure travel: Mind-boggling scenery, exotic wildlife, and fascinating culture.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Winter usage and bears studied in Yellowstone
In news coming out of Yellowstone National Park, the bears are to be studied and a new book examines winter usage.

May sentencing set in wildlife case
A Gallatin Valley man awaits sentencing in May for poaching wildlife.