Everglades National Park News:
I-75's Alligator Alley reopens
Interstate 75ís Alligator Alley has reopened.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park News:
Bears bounce back
New hunting seasons and record harvests suggest U.S. black bears are again thriving
Are black bears the new whitetail deer? They definitely have come back the way deer did in the latter half of the 20th century. Though they're far from as numerous as whitetails, their repopulation to the point where they now can be hunted in 30 states is remarkable.

NWS: Warm, dry conditions pose wildfire danger
The National Weather Service issued a statement this afternoon warning of unseasonably warm conditions that pose a wildfire danger across East Tennessee, southwest Virginia and southwest North Carolina.

Misc. National Park News:
Gazette Opinion: Stimulus eases park project backlog
For many years, there's been talk about stepping up investment in the buildings, roads and other visitor facilities in America's national parks. With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Congress and President Obama have committed significant public resources to start cleaning up a $9 billion backlog of deferred maintenance in America's parks. About half of these projects have been in the planning so long that they are considered "shovel ready."

DOI Commits $750M to Restoration of National Parks
The National Park Service will invest $750 million in 750 projects to restore national parks across the country and create jobs, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced last week.

Gun ban endangers Park Service police (Editorial)
After reading the short article, "Gun bust at Grand Canyon," the first thing that came to mind was, well, that didn't take long. So, for the people that think our National Parks are once again a safe, gun-free zone, let me ask this question: Do you think this career criminal was worried about marauding squirrels?

Parks will put funds to good use
Removing two Elwha River dams is something thatís been talked about for a long time in the Northwest. But thanks to $54.7 million in federal economic stimulus money, itís starting to look like itís really going to happen.

Outside the US/Canadian Park System:
Elephant herds flee troubled Zimbabwe
HARARE, Zimbabwe ó- Growing pressure from poaching and human encroachment in Zimbabwe has driven hundreds of elephants to migrate from the country, conservationists said Monday.

Yellowstone National Park News:
Keeping the creek in the creek
LIVINGSTON n Park County is poised to receive a $2.28 million federal grant for flood-mitigation work along a section of Fleshman Creek, pending an environmental review of the project, state officials announced.

Yosemite National Park News:
Yosemite rockslide findings could save lives
UC Berkeley student recorded major tumble with seismic instruments.