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Bryce Canyon National Park News:
Navajo Trail offers best views of Bryce Canyon
What's the best hike in Utah with the least effort required?

Denali National Park News:
Denali just one of the parks to get stimulus money
Hundreds of national parks, including 30 projects in Alaska are being funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Basecamp in and climbing season begins
Denali’s basecamp officially opens tomorrow (Tuesday) with basecamp manager Lisa Roderick and park rangers preparing to fly to the camp on the Kahiltna Glacier.

Everglades National Park News:
River of cash: Stimulus aid for Glades
State leaders and environmentalists hope that one-year surge in Everglades funding proves a sign of renewed federal commitment.

Grand Canyon National Park News:
Canyon officials hope to squash radiation rumors
Grand Canyon National Park officials hope they have finally put to rest a long-standing rumor that the athletic fields where local children play were contaminated with radiation.

Havasupai Reservation to Stay Closed Until June 1
Havasupai tribe officials announced Wednesday their campground will remain closed to the public until June 1 due to the swine flu outbreak.

Ohio Man Rescued After Falling Into Grand Canyon
An Ohio man who was peering over the edge of the Grand Canyon and lost his balance was rescued after falling 60 feet.

Hiker rescued after falling 60 feet at Grand Canyon
A 47 year-old Ohio man was rescued after falling 60 feet while hiking in the Grand Canyon yesterday.

Grand Teton National Park News:
‘Antelope Alley’ – Historic crossing holds obstacles
“Antelope Alley” on the west edge of Pinedale is a traditional crossing for migrating pronghorn – but twice a year the animals encounter a growing maze of development, disturbance, unfriendly fences and traffic along their historic route.

Pine Beetles ATTACK!
Across the Rocky Mountain West, islands of green pine trees dot the landscape, isolated from one another by a sea of dying, and dead, rusty colored pines.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park News:
Homecoming weekend unites Smoky Mountain park employees
Celebratory weekend unites past and present park workers

Crews working to contain Laurel Falls wildfire in Smokies
Some 40 firefighters are working today to contain a wildfire at Laurel Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along Little River Road.

3 wildfires keep firefighters in Smokies busy
Firefighters worked Wednesday to contain three wildfires in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Misc. National Park News:
Visitors to Nation’s Parks Need to Represent the New America
On Earth Day last week, filmmaker Ken Burns launched a six-month national outreach campaign here at Fort Mason to welcome a more diverse visitor population to America’s national parks. Burns said he hopes his recent film, “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea,” will help attract new communities into the country’s parks.

Rocky Mountain National Park News:
Body Found Inside Burned Vehicle At RMNP
FBI Begins Investigation
A body was found inside a burned vehicle in the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, the FBI said Wednesday.

Battle of the beetle
Spraying shows some promise
Preventive spraying of selected pine trees in Rocky Mountain National Park to repel beetle attacks has proven to be extremely successful.

More hungry bears means extra gear for campers
Overnight backcountry campers will be required to carry a bear-proof food canister starting on May 1.

Shenandoah National Park News:
Shenandoah leader loved mountains as a child
New Shenandoah superintendent a natural as someone who loved mountains from her youth

Yellowstone National Park News:
Microhydro Coming Back To Yellowstone
Yellowstone National Park is planning to use federal stimulus funds to install a microhydro electric system.

Yellowstone Under Snail Siege
The invasive New Zealand mud snail threatens local fish populations in national parks

Zion National Park News:
Dollars flow to water projects
Stimulus money flowing into Southern Utah will help water districts and national parks with infrastructure and maintenance projects as well as bring new jobs into the area.